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DFW Airport Parking Tips: Ways to Save on Airport Parking

Need to find ways to save on DFW Airport Parking? We got all the tips for you just in time for Labor Day.

We have been traveling all over the U.S. for our blog this year! So far, we have visited New Orleans, Austin, and Portland! We discovered so many unique and cool restaurants, coffee shops, activities and tours for you to try. You can view our Ultimate Itineraries for each city to plan your trip.

Disclaimer: This post DFW Airport Parking Tips: Ways to Save on Airport Parking is sponsored. As always, all opinions are my own.

Our next trip is to New York City August 31st – September 2nd! We have been to the city multiple times, so we are skipping all the touristy things. We will be exploring hidden gems instead! While these trips are fun, they are stressful too. From packing to parking at the airport…there’s just not enough time to do everything


Luckily, we learned about a new Prepaid Parking option at DFW Airport that will save us money. Cannot believe finding cheap parking at the airport is this easy! Keep reading to learn more.

What is Prepaid Parking?

Prepaid Parking at DFW Airport is so easy and stress-free. It significantly lowers the hassle on travel day. At some airports, cheap, Prepaid Parking sites are 30 minutes away from the gate. You have to park your car and take a shuttle just to get to the Terminal. At DFW Airport, you can park directly at your Terminal with Prepaid Parking. Your gate is only a short walk away! This option is so convenient.

Prepaid Parking also saves you money! You can save up to 50% when you book online vs paying for parking directly at the airport. If that is not enough savings for you, don’t worry! DFW Prepaid Parking runs specials and promos to help you save more money.

Tip: There is a special going on for Labor Day. If you book on Thursday, August 29th, parking will only be $9.99 USD per day. FYI - Parking is normally $24 USD per day! There is a minimum 48 hour stay. This promo is valid through September 30th for Terminal Parking only.

Parking Tips: How to Use

All you have to do is go to (or download the app) and plug in your flight information, date, time, and location. At checkout, you will input your payment information and connect your toll tag (this is how you will enter and exit the airport).

If you don’t have a toll tag, then you will receive a QR code to scan at the DFW Airport entrance and exit. Bam, just like that you are ready to go! Super easy. If you need more directions, you can see how it works here.

Note: You will need to schedule the reservation at least one hour prior to your arrival to the airport.

What do you think of prepaying for parking at the airport?! Would you use this option?

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