Weekend Guide: The Ultimate Itinerary to New Orleans


Are you ready to experience New Orleans?! New Orleans is famous for its architecture, culture, history, music and nightlife.

This city is so unique and diverse. Each neighborhood has its own vibe and personality. Young or old, you will never be bored. There are some many things to see and do. If you find yourself in New Orleans, use our Ultimate Itinerary to guide!! It will blow your mind. 

Some of the activities listed in this itinerary included:

  • Ghost Tour

  • Iconic Bars

  • Garden District

  • Cemetery Tour

This guide is jam-packed with amazing experiences. We included restaurants (vegan-friendly), entertainment, tours, and beaches to help you get the most out of your vacation!

For more New Orleans fun read our top picks for the best bars in the city and the best vegan restaurants.

*Note: You will need a car or another method of transportation to get around.


Day 1 – Spooks and Spirits

• 3:00pm – Arrive: Check into The Pontchartrain or Henry Howard Hotel

• 5:00 pm – Happy Hour & Dinner: Cane & Table is a bar and restaurant that creates rum-based cocktails and eclectic plates. We recommend going during happy hour and ordering the black eye pea hummus and curry. Don't forget to order the Mariner’s Swizzle! This refreshing drink of rum and sherry swizzle, Don Q 2007 and pale sherry is served over crushed ice in a hollowed-out pineapple. ($20-25)

• 7:30 pm – Ghost Tour: An excellent way to see the city is by walking. Head over to the French Quarter for a free walking tour by Free Tours By Foot. Learn about the haunted past of Louisiana and uncover the city’s “rumored” presence of ghosts and spirits. You can a reserve this tour here. There is a $2 booking fee but the tour itself is free. Just pay a tip! ($2)

Total Per Person: $22-27 plus tax and tip

Day 2 – Iconic Spots: Beignets, Galleries and Bars

• 8:00 am – Activity 1: Head over to Café Beignet. Don’t want to wait in the ridiculous Café Du Monde line? Visit Café Beignet for coffee and beignets! This place is a thousand times more aesthetically pleasing than Café Du Monde. I mean look at the tile floor! There aren’t any vegan beignet options, however, they do have soy milk for coffee ($5)

• 10:30 am – Brunch: Did someone say brunch?! Seed is open for lunch and dinner too, but their brunch is top notch. They even serve vegan beignet. BEIGNETS! Try the nuevos rancheros, sweet corn polenta, tofu scramble, artichoke cakes and mimosa ($15)

• 12:00 pm – Activity 2: Visit the Ashley Longshore Gallery for colorful paintings and art that are “Instagram worthy” for sure (FREE)

• 2:00 pm – Free

• 4:00 pm – Happy Hour: Constructed in 1867 as a double-gallery townhouse by famed-architect Henry Howard, the Henry Howard Hotel has been reimagined into an 18-room, boutique hotel. This charming hotel also has an amazing bar. You must try the classic, Moscow Mule ($10)

• 6:30 pm – Dinner: Piscobar is a vivid vegan Taiwanese. The food is out of this world and so are the drinks! All cocktails are pisco-based and inspired by the city of New Orleans. We recommend the judgy parrot, mardi gras dumplings, the wander, market dumplings and spicy stuffed buns ($20)

• 9:00 pm – Nightcap: Loa Bar at the International House is a stylish bar with both atmosphere and attitude. With candles lit all around, the bar focuses on craft cocktails and individuality. Pro Tip: Order the Delilah if you like gin ($15)

Total Per Person: $65 plus tax and tip

Day 3 – Garden District and Cemetery Tour

• 9:00 am – Breakfast: For a tasty vegan breakfast and the best fresh baked goods, head over to Breads on Oak. Breads on Oaks bakes a full line of bread, biscuits, cakes, and more. All biscuits and sweets are made with organic flours, local produce and nuts. We recommend trying the quiche, pumpkin cheddar biscuit sandwich and soup of the day ($10)

• 10:30 am – Garden District/Cemetery Tour: An excellent way to see the city is by walking. Head over to the Garden District for a free walking tour by Free Tours By Foot. You will stroll the leafy, magnolia-shaded streets of the Garden District and a city of the dead, Lafayette Cemetery #1. This walking tour is not just mansions and manicured gardens, but stories of legends, tragedy, epidemics, and lost causes. You can a reserve this tour here . This tour is free, just pay tip (FREE)

• 1:00 pm – Lunch: Napoleon House is a beloved landmark on the corner of Chartres and St. Louis in New Orleans' French Quarter. The bar is best known for their famous Pimm’s Cup! Pro Tip: This bar has great, well priced food with vegan options. Order the Corsican Salad and Hummus Spread without cheese. The bread is amazing as well. They serve it hot from the oven! ($15)

• 3:00 pm – Free

• 5:00 pm – Happy Hour: Hot Tin is location atop the hotel we stayed at in New Orleans, the Pontchartrain Hotel. It is the hottest rooftop bar in the city! Order the Hibbity Diddity or Some Like it Hot ($20)

• 7:30 pm – Dinner: Jack Rose is a restaurant in the Pontchartrain Hotel. You can order small plates and snack in the Living Room. Who wouldn’t want to sip under the Lil Wayne Portrait by the infamous Ashley Longshore?! OR you can dine in the bold dinning room ($25)

Total Per Person: $70 plus tax and tip

Thanks for reading this Weekend Guide to New Orleans!

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