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Hello, welcome to my blogary (my mix of a blog + dairy)! I hope that you - my readers, friends, admirers, and followers - get to peek into my world and see what I am up to and what I like. I will post every Thursday and conduct giveaways once a month. Make sure you subscribe to this blogary and get in touch with me on my social media outlets to know when I will be giving away items!


Here is a little bit about me: I am a twenty-something-year-old born and raised in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. I enjoy anything related to my faith, family, fitness, food, friends, sports and Netflix. My recent employment and graduation from Vassar College have forcefully pushed me into the early phases of adulthood. Come along with me as I share and navigate my post-graduate journey. Many blessings lie ahead.


If you want to chat or collaborate with me on a future post, I encourage you to fill out the contact form or email me at

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