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What Taylor Likes Brunch - Jalisco Norte

What Taylor Likes events are back! We had the pleasure of hosting a brunch at Jalisco Norte in Dallas. This event was in honor of their new Fall menu. We can officially tell you that this is one of the best brunch spots in Dallas.

Jalisco Norte celebrates modern, Central American cuisine. Thier Chef, José Meza, is an award-winning, 28-year-old Mexican talent with experience at some of the world’s most luxurious restaurants and hotels.

What we love about their menu are the fresh ingredients. It is truly the highlight of every dish and craft cocktail they create.


Food aside, we could not get over the floor-to-ceiling windows in the restaurant. Talk about an aesthetic!

Jalisco sits in a bed of oak trees. It feels like you are in a sophisticated, colorful tree house...made for adults!

According to the restaurant's website, you can turn the room we dined in into a private area. "Our private dining options include an enclosed patio, known as the beloved tree house, which can seat up to 50 people and is complete with a full view of brightly lit trees surrounding the exterior, customizable seating arrangements and a private bar."


Our table for the What Taylor Likes event was decorated by Annette Mosley, my mom! She has major interior decorating skills. Check out her Instagram account for home decor, tips and more.

The table looked absolutely amazing. The flowers were from Gloria's Flowers Dallas. We manage to grab a vast array of flowers that were in season.

A table cannot be complete without place cards. Sprkler made our beautiful, fall-inspired place cards for all the bloggers in attendance.


We started off the brunch with guacamole, fruit, and chips! The guacamole was particularly superb. It consisted of avocado tomato, lemon, onion, serrano and cilantro.

Popular brunch dishes were eggs motulenos (fried eggs), chicken tinga and chilaquiles. To our DELIGHT, Jalisco was able to make a vegan dish for us. We had the most amazing enchilada dish drizzled with a black bean sauce and filled with mushrooms and spinach.

For drinks we had the uptown mimosa, bring the heat margarita, and the norte sparkling palomita. We highly recommend that you try the bring the heat margarita. It is made out of dulce vida pineapple-jalapeño infused tequila, jalapeño infused agave nectar, ancho reyes verde, triple citrus juices, mole bitters, and sal de gusano.

Check out the fun in the pictures below! Photography by Emily Jane, Photographer and Aleshea Carriere, Blogger.

Until Next Time,


"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!"


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