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What Taylor Likes Brunch - Celebrating My Birthday at Vidorra!

It is Day 3 of our 12 DAYS of [BLOG]MAS! We are so excited to post videos and pictures of this brunch. By the time this goes live, Taylor's birthday will be in 2 days!! Woo. Honestly, we have been celebrating all month long. Since December 1st as a matter of fact.

Vidorra was a great place to celebrate an early birthday with all of our closest blogger friends. Keep scrolling to see their food and our amazing cake.

According to their website, Vidorra ‘Cocina de Mexico’ is located in Dallas (Deep Ellum). They celebrate Mexican food, drink and culture. Vidorra, meaning 'the good life' the restaurant, has a patio and rooftop that offers bold and exciting Mexican flavors, along with a large tequila selection, unique cocktail program, and lively social experience in one of Dallas’ most vibrant neighborhoods.

We love that their menu is very versatile and delicious. The aesthetic of the interior and exterior is exceptional. I can already see us siting at the patio bar on a nice Spring day.


For our brunch we had chicken quesadillas, street tacos, chips, salsa, guacamole, queso and margaritas!

Our favorite were the vegan fried avocado tacos of course.

The tacos came with pico de gallo and garnish. The original recipe comes with pico de gallo, cotija cheese, southwestern crema, and cotija crumbles, This is great for all my vegetarians out there.

Other guests raved about the street tacos. They were a big hit!


Our table for the What Taylor Likes event was decorated by Annette Mosley, my mom! She has major interior decorating skills. Check out her Instagram account for home decor, tips and more.

The table looked absolutely amazing. The flowers were from Gloria's Flowers Dallas. We manage to grab a vast array of flowers that were in season.


Our cake is from Reverie Bakeshop. If you haven't been there, go now! Reverie Bakeshop is a vegan bakery located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. Their goal is to provide high quality vegan pastries that are healthier than non-vegan counterparts and just as tasty!

We get our birthday cakes from this bakeshop every year. It does not disappoint.

In addition to their cake, try other food items on the menu. They serve donuts, empanadas, kolaches and more.

We wish you a happy holiday season. Happy 12 Days of [Blog]mas!

Until Next Time,


"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!"


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