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Napa Valley Travel Guide: Best Winery Tour

Napa Valley has some of the best wineries to visit in the country! This was our second year in a row visiting the region with Napa Valley Wine Country tour and it was more than amazing. Honestly, it is the best winery tour that we have ever been to. That’s why we keep coming back!!

Check out this Napa Valley travel guide. We give you all the details about the tour and the wineries we visited. Use this guide as an excellent resource for planning a trip to state-of-the-art wineries, vineyards and wine caves! You can download the PDF version here. Let us know what you think in the comments!

What is Napa Valley Wine Country Tour?

As we said above, this is our second year using Napa Valley Wine Country Tour. We went in 2017 with family, but this year we took our closet friends to the region for a bachelorette trip! Napa Valley Wine Country Tour offers wine tours of Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, and more. Their most popular tour, and the tour we like the most, are their join-in daily wine tours from Napa and San Francisco.

The specific tour we took was called San Francisco to Wine Country Tour. This tour included a photo op at the Golden Gate Bridge, mimosas (to get the party started), four wine tastings at four different wineries and a picnic lunch. The tour begins at 8:20 am and ends at 5pm. Yes, you read that right. The wine tour is 8.5 hours long!

One of the things we loved about the tour was the transportation. To travel from San Francisco to Napa we took a luxurious party bus! A party bus gave a level of excitement and fun to our tour. We played music and danced our shoes off. Our group and other participants who registered sat together on the bus and had the time of our lives.

What would the itinerary look like?

The San Francisco to Wine Country Tour started at Golden Gate Bridge for a Photo op. From there our fantastic tour guide, Abe, took us to Napa and Sonoma for the ultimate wine tasting extravaganza. We visited 4 wineries in total. Each winery offered something different and truly represented the taste of Napa and Sonoma Valley.

A glimpse of our day looked like this:

  • Party bus picks you up

  • Drive To The Golden Gate Bridge

  • Quick Photo Op of Golden Gate Bridge at Vista Point

  • Complimentary Mimosas at Vista Point

  • Shuttle to Napa Valley

  • Jacuzzi Family Vineyards – Sonoma 

Yes, it’s that Jacuzzi family, known for the invention of the Jacuzzi pump and spa. Jacuzzi Family Vineyards are farmed naturally and sustainably. They do not use pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers or herbicides. At Jacuzzi vineyards, you can try different wines and taste various olive oils.” 

  • Larson Family Winery – Sonoma 

“Larson Family Winery blends our passion for wine-making with our hard-working, fun-loving country lifestyle, as seamlessly as we blend our wines. Larson Family was once home to the largest Rodeo in Northern California and have lots of memorabilia in our barn turned tasting room."

  • Lunch

  • Madonna Winery – Napa 

“Madonna Winery has been handcrafting Napa wines for over 80 years. The wine is created from organically grown grapes. With 10 styles of wine, this winery is great for wine lovers of all ages.”

  • Kieu Hoang Winery – Napa 

“Kieu Hoang Winery is located in the Carneros American Viticultural (AVA) area. AVA is the coolest wine producing region in the valley. Kieu Hoang wines have worldwide recognition for the wines of the Napa Valley in California.”

  • Party bus drops you off

How much is the tour?

The tour is regularly $129 per person. If you buy it online via Napa Valley Wine Country Tours the price drops to $119-99.

We highly recommend this tour to anyone who is visiting the area. You will have the best time. Hopefully we will join the tour next year.

What wineries have you been too in Napa or Sonoma?

Let us know in the comment section! If you are not subscribed to this blog, then sign up!

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