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Get Your Sugar Fix at the Dallas Chocolate Festival

Who knew chocolate festivals even existed?! We didn’t. This event has definitely put Dallas on the map as one of the best cities for chocolate.

The event was held in downtown Dallas over the course of two days. We went on a Saturday, September 7th, and we were amazed by the amount of chocolate vendors present.

Before we dive into the different kinds of chocolate we tasted, let us tell you about


According to the Dallas Chocolate Festival website, “ was started in June of 2009, with the goal of promoting artisan chocolate in Dallas. Founder Sander Wolf wanted to educate budding foodies about the complex processes and hand-crafted skill that result in a refined chocolate experience. In addition to sharing local and global chocolate news, and sampling whenever we can, hosts its signature event, The Dallas Chocolate Festival, every autumn.

What started in 2009 as a simple event featuring two bean-to-bar chocolate makers has exploded into one of the “must do” events for Dallas foodies.

Featuring chocolate samples from industry innovators the world over, the event now features dozens of chocolatiers and chocolate makers, demonstrations, and even workshops.”

Favorite chocolate vendors?

We sampled several different chocolates from numerous makers. Our favorite vendors are Potomac Chocolate, Markham & Fitz Chocolate, Diamond Custom Machines, Escazú Chocolates, Casa Chocolates, and Let Them Eat Candles.

Diamond Custom Machines is known for their robust tabletop and commercial scale refiners. These machines help you make chocolate and nut butters from scratch!! The strawberry cacao spread was out-of-this-world good!!

We also enjoyed Let Them Eat Candles. They have edible candles that you can put in cakes, cupcakes and etc. Vegan options are available.

You can find a full list of vendors here.

Our Thoughts

We highly recommend that you go to Dallas Chocolate Festival next year. The festival is one of a kind and does not disappoint. In addition to tasting chocolate, you can learn how to make it too! The festival has workshops that will allow you to gain some hands on chocolate experience.

We can't wait to go back next year. Marking this event in the calendar.

Have you been to a Chocolate Festival event? Let us know in the comments below!

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