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Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good

Cannot believe that we have been vegan for almost four years. When we first gave up dairy in 2016, many of the dairy-free ice cream options did not taste good. None at all. Needless to say, dairy-free ice cream has come a long way.

Today, they not only taste good but they come in different flavors! If you think it will be challenging to ditch dairy then think again. Your love for ice cream doesn’t have to dissipate just because you are vegan or dairy-free. So, the question is not what dairy-free ice cream is available but which one you should try first.

During our press trip to Austin, we tried various different pints of NadaMoo! ice cream. We sampled all of their dairy-free frozen desserts that are available this season. We can attest that NadaMoo! makes the best dairy-free ice cream that actually tastes good.

Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good

Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good

What you should know about NadaMoo!

In 2004, NadaMoo! started making small batches of coconut-milk ice cream. After awhile people caught wind of their frozen desserts. Due to popularity, NadaMoo! built their Scoop Shop in Austin, Texas. This is the shop we visited!

If you can’t make it to Austin, Texas, just head to your local grocer. In all likelihood, they’ll have a few NadaMoo! flavors for you to try. We like to grab ours from our local Sprouts or Whole Foods.

Here are the best vegan, non-dairy ice creams flavors we tried at the Scoop Shop. They have so many fun seasonal and staple flavors. All their products are coconut based, so you’ll taste hints of coconut here and there. Some of their flavors are wild. We included our tasting notes and ingredient information for some of the flavors:

Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good

Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good

Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good

Peppermint Bark

This flavor tastes like Christmas! According to the NadaMoo! site, “every bite of Peppermint Bark is like a nostalgic explosion of the holidays.” Each bite has swirls of chocolate fudge with a peppermint pieces.

Main ingredients are peppermint pieces, organic agave syrup, fudge swirl, and sea salt.


Creamy and buttery soft, this flavor tastes just like pumpkins! It is perfect for the fall/winter season.

Pistachio Nut

This flavor is green and unbelievable creamy. The lightly salted, perfectly roasted pistachios add a satisfying crunch to every scoop. The consistency is buttery, but there were alot of pistachio pieces in it. Which was too much for us. If you love pistachios then you’ll love this flavor.

Main ingredients are organic agave nectar, pistachios, organic tapioca syrup, sea salt, organic spirulina powder.

Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good

Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good


If you have never had Horchata, it is a drink that tastes like rice pudding but better. It has some type of milk, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. NadaMoo!’s Horchata ice cream flavor tastes just like that.

Maple Pecan

Our favorite flavor! We in love with pecans so this was right up our alley. This flavor has the perfect amount of sweetness and it actually smells like maple. The toasted pecans add the perfect touch.

Main ingredients are organic agave nectar, pecans, and sea salt.

Out of all these flavors, Maple Pecan is our favorite flavor! If you have tired NadaMoo! in the past, let us know in the comments! Don't forget to pin this post for later on Pinterest. Just click on the "save" button in the upper left hand corner on any picture.

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