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5 Reasons to Go to Dallas Sold-Out Brunch Fest Next Year

Hash, muffins, tacos and mimosas galore. This past weekend we had the pleasure of going to The Morning After, A Dallas Observer Brunch Event. The Morning After is a brunch sampling event that featured bites from local brunch hot spots, along with drink samples & music. If you missed this SOLD-OUT brunch fest don’t worry because there is one next year.

Here’s 5 reasons why you want to snag that ticket ASAP.


At The Morning After we got UNLIMITED tasting samples from Kozy Kitchen, Meso Maya, Sundown at the Granada and more. So basically we unapologetically stuffed our face until we couldn't move. A full list of vendors are down below:

Ascension Coffee Chombo's Greenville.AVE City Council Restaurant & Bar Cook Hall - Dallas Dandelion Cheesecakes Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard Full Circle Tavern Harlowe MXM Hash House a Go Go House of Blues Dallas Knife Dallas Kozy Kitchen Lucky's Cafe Meso Maya Mijas Taqueria Sundown at Granada TorTaco

and more

2. There are vegan options!

Dallas has fantastic restaurants that are either all-vegan or can create a flavor packed, vegan dish for you. For all my veg-heads in the city, be sure to claim your tickets next year. You too can join in on the brunch fun!

Some of our favorite vegan options at The Morning After were the Sweet Potato Mash and Pumpkin Muffins. A full list of all the great samples we tried are listed down below.

  • Avocado Bruschetta from Full Circle Tavern

  • Bean, Quinoa, and Avocado mash from Mudhen Meats and Greens

  • Sweet Potato Hash w/ Avocado from Kozy Kitchen

  • Vegan Hash w/ Potatoes, Quinoa and Onions from Company Café

  • Pumpkin Muffins from Unrefined Bakery

3. Mimosas Bar

What’s one way to take an event to the next level? Add a Mimosa Bar! We loved Whole Food’s DIY-styled bar because there were a few different kinds of juices to choose from, a variety of berries, and champagne (duh!).

If your digestive system cannot process champagne, they also had vodka! We recommend mixing the vodka with the Strawberry & Banana Juice.

4. Photo booth

You can’t go wrong with high-quality, customizable photographs! What makes this photo booth even better is that it is in a 1978 Volkswagen Bus. Thanks to Wee Gypsy we had tons of props to choose fun in order to be creative and make our photo pop.

5. VIP Entry

Lucky for us we were able to snag VIP tickets. This granted us entry into the event 30 minutes earlier than general admission at 11:00am, 8 brunch cocktails, champagne or beer samples! We also received welcome gift bags, access to the VIP lounge, VIP only brunch samples, and a private bar.

You get plenty of bang for your buck. Be sure to grab a pair of VIP tickets next year.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment! If you went last weekend, tell us our favorite part of the brunch fest!

Until Next Time,


“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”

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