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25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020

On What Taylor Likes' Instagram we asked you to send us your favorite black blogger to follow. Here are 25 black bloggers and creators that you should support and follow in 2020 according to our audience. Please read, support, and share these profiles so that their stories as black bloggers and/or creators can be heard during a time where racism is rampant.

These are in no particular order, but we did separate by category for you. We are excited about this list of black bloggers and/or creators because they all have something different to offer! Contributor credits are at the end of this post.

Double click on any photo to go directly to their page.


1. the_real_chi

She is a New York-Based content creator who posts everything from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and travel. As the founder of The Crown Life, she focuses on the interpersonal growth of young women. We love her fashion looks too! They are so fun and glamorous. We LIVE for them.

2. influencingincolor

They are a positive influence for women of ALL colors. Their commitment to inclusion and diversity is so inspiring. The group is made up of four bloggers, @shaymone @imgoodlikemeghan @authentically.b and @newtexacali. They are all so beautiful and embodies what it means to influence in color.

3. missaquia

She is a fellow Dallas blogger who is so fun! We met her at events and can confirm that her spirit and smile lights up the room. On her page, you will find food and drink recommendations plus fashion tips!

4. gingermarieblog

Another Dallas blogger, Ginger is the sweetest person. We met her in 2015 and have been friends ever since. We love her stories because they are HILARIOUS and INFORMATIVE. She posts about food, fitness, and travel.

25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020 - What Taylor Likes

5. greeneyesgoldsoul

Courtney Brand is the creator of The B Werd, a community for Alpha Boss Babes. She wanted to create a place where women could read, discuss, and cultivate ideas that we often think but rarely talk about.

6. crystallografy_

She is all about self-love which we support 100%! On her page, you will find lifestyle related resources and support.

7. yourpaljordyn

We virtually met Jordyn over the internet this week and our life is so much brighter now!! Her colorful feed will provide you with the energy boost you need on gloomy days.

8. onegrloneworld

Is another self-love advocate! She provides travel, skincare, and hair tips! Featured in The Washington Post and Forbes, Francesca is a force to be reckoned with!


9. ayeciara

Ciara is the creator that covers a bit of everything. Her travels are EPIC. However, she just gave birth to a beautiful baby so I would imagine that her content will highlight the ups and downs of motherhood!

10. tarynnewton

Taryn is a proud boy mom of 3! On her platform, she shares her real-life and inspires to women to live life achieving goals while looking great.

12. carmenreneeblog

Born in Kansas City, Carmen features everything from fashion and beauty to marriage and motherhood. She has been blogging for 5 years now and loves to share her life. Every time we go to her page we are inspired to live our best life.

13. jaylabrenae

Jayla is another creator that captures her life as a mom and wife. We want to cry every time we go to her page! Her baby boy is the cutest thing!!! Just look at him. She got pregnant with their second child and captured their announcement to their families on camera. You must watch it.


14. tiffanydarlyn

Tiffany is a family vlogger on Youtube. She films everything from motherhood to traveling. Be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel.


Monica is an Afro-Latina beauty YouTuber. Some of her videos are half in Spanish. She is really funny in them! You can watch some of them on IGTV as well.

25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020 - What Taylor Likes


15. oldworldnew

Addie shares sustainable and slow living tips. She strives to inspire her followers to live intentionally.

16. whattaylorlikes

Its me! I hope that you - my readers, friends, admirers, and followers - get to peek into my world and see what I am up to and what I like. I am a vegan blogger that likes travel, fashion, and fitness. Typically, I like to get drunk with my photographer (aka my mom

17, veggiepeggy

Peggy empowers mental wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Her pictures of vegan food makes us hungry every time.

18. styleandpoise

Plant-based since 2015, Roni showcases her style and poise in all her posts. She was featured in InStyle Magazine, Essence, The Wendy Show, and more. Her resume is stacked!



Doni is a Dallas blogger too and she has the kindest soul. She shows beauty and fashion entrepreneurs how to grow their sales with funnels!

20. estereograms

Ester is a beauty and fashion content creator. We want her whole wardrobe. All her outfits are on point and she teaches us a lot about make up.

21. kameronmonet

We first found Kameron on Youtube. She is funny and has a great personality. She is an attorney that creates beauty and lifestyle content. Talk about a woman that can do both!


22. rachmoon

Rach is a style blog based out of Washington, D.C. She is also a mom! We say that her fashion style is called "street style comfort."

23. mylifeinruffles

Tina is a midsize fashion maven from Dallas! Her outfits are full of life and color. So glad our audience nominated her to be apart of this list.


24. aliciatenise

We would be best friends with Alicia because not only does she travel but she loves wine! On her page, you will find colorful photos that will spur you to book your next trip.

25. foreign_fresh_fierce

Cindy is the most fashionable travel blogger I have ever met. She is from Dallas but travels to the most magical places!


26. flowandfavor

Whitney is a friend of ours and we love her! She will lead you through a really sweaty yoga class and then teach you how to make a cocktail.

27. charmaine.charmant

Charmaine is THE curvy fashionista. She is so glam! Her whole mission is to provide positivity and tools that will make you more confident.

28. brandisfoodiediary

Brandi is the person to go to for a restaurant recommendation in Dallas. Her reviews are always honest and she never promotes something she doesn't like. We trust her 100%!


Thank you to everyone who DM me their favorite creator: nowhereiwouldratherbe, findingfrancesca, _sixfeetofsunshine_, and thebelleofthebudget to name a few.

If you like this post, 25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020, be sure to comment down below and follow us on social media!

"Your life is happening now! Make it amazing!

Until Next Time.


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