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A Day That Took The Cake

December 31, 2015

In the upcoming paragraphs I will tell you what I wore, what I did, what I ate and what I received. My mom came through yet again with my daily gifts after Christmas up until THE big day – December 30th. This is truly what makes my birthday extra special...

A Christmas Without Presents

December 24, 2015

In all honesty, Christmas is more than consumerism and what you can buy at a store. It is about the birth of Jesus Christ, all things festive, family and generosity. This is what my family and I are trying to remind ourselves. That is why we are conducting the “A Christmas Without Presents” experiment!...

Winter Wear

December 17, 2015

Without further adieu, I am so excited to introduce you to my friend and guest blogger for this week. Her name is Tatum Norris and she is the most sincere person I have ever met! She has many hobbies which include blogging. Tatum’s fashion blog “The Statement Piece” embedded itself into her heart years before it was found on the web for everyone to see.

Giveaway: Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

December 10, 2015

To embrace and celebrate the wonderful sentiments of jolly, my day of birth and gift-giving, I listed The Top Ten Gifts I desperately desire! WHO KNOWS….MAYBE YOU COULD WIN AN ITEM OFF OF MY WISH LIST. ;) I picked one item to be the gift for the December giveaway. I think you will like it as much as I do! Keep reading to see My Top Ten and learn how to enter into this month’s #ThankYouThursday Giveaway! 


UberEATS Dallas

December 03, 2015

The Dallas edition of UberEATS delivers the best, local food right to your curb at a press of a button. The fluctuating menus, which differ from day to day and week to week, spotlight dishes...

The Mosley's Menu for Thanksgiving

November 24, 2015

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It is finally the week of Thanksgiving! During this season of giving and thankfulness, I love to cook a lavish meal (or order a lavish meal – let's be real) and share it with family, friends and neighbors...


My 1st Experience At a Real Ranch

November 19, 2015

Even though I am strongly against ALL stereotypical and banal views of Texas, I decided to humor this perception and drive out to a ranch called Circle K with my mom a month ago. I thought I was going to hate it...

Giveaway and Review: Win Cocktails From Cocktail Courier or Wine From Club W

November 12, 2015

Welcome – returners and first time visitors – to What Taylor Likes! Once again it is time for my blogary to conduct another #ThankYouThursday giveaway. I am excited about this month’s sweepstakes because it is featuring two of my favorite things…cocktails and wine!... 

15 Thoughts I Have While Working Out This Holiday Season

November 05, 2015

Trying to not gain a significant amount of weight this holiday season is going to be rough. From now until January I will be surrounded by glorious heaps of turkey, ham, gravy, sweet potatoes, peach cobbler (my personal favorite), my mother’s stuffing, and wine...oh so much wine...


11 Things to Do in Berlin, Germany

October 29, 2015

In 2013, I went to Berlin, Germany to study for a summer through NYU. Recently I found myslef looking back through old pictures and reminiscing about all the places I went and the amazing friends I made. Below are my picks for what you should see and do if you are ever in the area.

The Top 5 Realities of My Post-Grad Life

October 22, 2015

If you think college was hard, difficult, or soul sucking... you should brace yourself because you are in for a shock! The most challenging class you will ever take is called “The Post-Graduate Life” and if you do not remain optimistic, you will fail. So grab a pen and pad, ladies and gents, so that you can write down these horrible realities of adulthood! Maybe this will prepare you for the first six months out of the college “bubble.”


Kristyn Renee Jewelry Giveway

October 15, 2015

This sweepstakes is about celebrating local businesses/Etsy shop owners who are truly passionate about their craft!  For this month one lucky winner will win two gifts (valued at $140 USD) from Kristyn and I!!!! The gifts are a pair of square hot pink druzy earrings and a white/turquoise beaded bracelet set. You can enter to win today until November 11, 2015 11:59 pm EST.....

Corporate Segregation: Q & A with Shanthi Rajaram

October 08, 2015

Even though corporate segregation exists, there are people working to decrease gender segregation in America. Recently I attended the Women in Technology Awards hosted by the Dallas Business Journal where several ambitious women in North Texas....

Exploring Starbucks' Secret Menu

October 01, 2015

In the past two weeks I made it my mission to experiment with the drinks on Starbucks’ secret menu. Here are the concoctions …maybe you’ll be inclined to order one next time you make a pit stop at Starbucks...

Enter To Win

September 24, 2015

Hello all! Welcome to my #ThankYouThursday Campaign! Every month I will take an intentional step to acknowledge what and/or who I am thankful for. In other words, I am simply taking the time to recognize those who have impacted my life in one way or another. Part of this campaign entails getting you – my supporters – involved in the.....

Bright Future Ahead

September 14, 2015

My mom and I recently took a trip to Des Moines, Iowa in order to enroll my sister, Bailey, into Drake University. Boy, what a trip it was! When we first got there, we immediately noticed that the city had a welcoming “small town feel.” The vibe there felt quaint, modern, and lively all at the same time...

Welcome To Adulthood

September 14, 2015

Earlier this May I graduated from Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Arabic language and Culture. Since then I have moved back to the Lone Star State, Texas, and began to search for employment in the Dallas area. Initially I had my heart set on a job that would allow me to...

What Taylor Likes

September 14, 2015

Most people wear workout clothes when they are working out. I, however, will parade around in my workout attire before, during and after my daily exercise. I sport black leggings to class, happy hour, and dinner because they are more comfortable and convenient than my “real” clothes. I HAVE NO SHAME. NONE. ZIP...

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