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15 Thoughts I Have While Working Out This Holiday Season 

Trying to not gain a significant amount of weight this holiday season is going to be rough. From now until January I will be surrounded by glorious heaps of turkey, ham, gravy, sweet potatoes, peach cobbler (my personal favorite), my mother’s stuffing, and wine...oh so much wine. Combine these classic comfort foods with cold(er) weather (Texas does not get cold just colder)....well that is just a recipe for a disaster. If I am not careful, I will go ham and stuff my face with everything in sight – no pun intended.


I can literally feel the excess weight going to my hips now.


In effort to take some preventative measures this year, I made a pledge to eat healthier and work out on a consistent basis.


During my quest for toned abs and buns of steel, I have encountered one itty-bitty problem. I cannot make myself workout! I do not know why the act of working out seems so tortuous to me. I USED to exercise all the time. What is happening?! (I think my two-month hiatus from any physical activity has something to do with it). Until I get back into the rhythm, I decided to share some of the thoughts that go through my head before and after I workout. Maybe you can relate. :)


**Sources for GIFs are at the bottom*** 


Today is the day! This is going to be a great workout!


*Minutes later* I cannot find my I cannot work out. Oh well, Back to bed I go! At least I tired.


False alarm. I found my headphones. Should I run or do plyometrics? Hmm, let's stretch first.


Ugh, I am already tired. Maybe I'm sick! I should stop, right?


Why is that girl over there smiling while she is working out?! Why is she not sweating??


*Me: Sweating like a pig.* This is what she should look like.


Ugh, I stink. I am wet and I smell. Life is rough.


Why did I decided to run? *gasps* I cannot breathe.


Has it only been 10 minutes? I am ready to quit.


Oh no.


Yep. I am going to throw up....Wait, I think I'm just out of shape. Let me play some music to pump me up.


Yas Bey!!! This song is bringing up so many (drunken) memories.


The endorphins I'm going to get from this is going to be amaaaaazing!


Can you see my muscles yet?


*Finishes workout and says to self* I'm fabulous! People can look but they can't touch!

Untill Next Time,



“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!".

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