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My Own Dress Code



Most people wear workout clothes when they are working out. I, however, will parade around in my workout attire before, during and after my daily exercise. I sport black leggings to class, happy hour, and dinner because they are more comfortable and convenient than my “real” clothes. I HAVE NO SHAME. NONE. ZIP. Just think about it. Envision plush, four-way stretch ultra-light leggings made with moisture-wicking properties designed to keep you dry as you make the trek from your car to the grocery store. This is pure bliss.

 Given the way I feel about athletic apparel, you can imagine the utter shock I went through when my current employer told me about their company’s dress code and how I have to say farewell to my beloved body hugging capris.

"Welcome to corporate America," they said. You have a choice of wearing a suit with a skirt or pants and a business dress. Additionally, if you so desire to wear a pencil skirt, and chafe in between your legs, it musn't be too tight and should fall a little bit above the knee. Also, don’t wear denim, ever.

There were a couple thoughts banging around in my head when I was correlating my closet to this dress code. 1) I am (ex) college student so everything I currently own is tight and short 2) Do I own a suit? Or slacks? Or a shirt that isn’t a “T-shirt?” The answer: No.Thus, I went out shopping and snatch up this dress for basically nothing at Belk’s in Rockwall, Texas.

I am blessed to work a Hunt Consolidated, Inc. While they seriously encourage professional dress, they appreciate their co-workers taking their own creative license and making the dress code their own. I paired the dress with a matching sweater and necklace to unify to look and dress it up a bit. Mind you, I am no fashionista so this is a huge come up compared to the wardrobe I was wearing (or still wear when I am not at work).


Untill Next Time,




"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!"

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