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Since the launch of Uber Technologies Inc. in 2009, the company and their transportation model have experienced an increase in popularity and notoriety in both the United States and abroad. While Uber is well-liked, the company received mixed reviews in regards to the reception of their Uber app over the years. Some say that the “Uber experience” is phenomenal and pioneering. Others, however, perceive the Uber concept to be costly and extremely dangerous.


Despite the criticism and praise, I am Uber user…for now. Thus, as an Uber user, I was excited when the company made an announcement in November that they were expanding their UberEATS services to Dallas!


What is UberEATS?


The Dallas edition of UberEATS delivers the best, local food right to your curb at a press of a button. The fluctuating menus, which differ from day to day and week to week, spotlight dishes from that Thai restaurant you and friends wanted to try to your coveted BBQ food truck.


How do you order?

The way you order and pay for your meal is the same process you would use to request an Uber ride. All you have to do is open the Uber app, select the dinner plate icon, enter your location, place your order, and track your delivery! Within minutes you will have a cold or hot meal delivered directly to your curb! It will only take ten minutes or less for you to receive your order.


When I concocted my UberEATS test run, I received my order in nine minutes. Amazing, right?! On Tuesday, December 2, I ordered the Quinoa and Kale Salad with Chicken from Savor Gastropub ($10 USD) for me and The Boss – A BBQ Brisket Sandwich – from Ruthie’s Rolling Café ($8.75 USD) for my mom.

UberEATS Facts:


The services of UberEATS are available in Dallas Monday-Friday 11:00am-2:00pm.


You can order multiple meals.


The meals roughly cost $8-12 USD.


You do not need to tip the driver.




1) In order to use UberEATS, you must be in the selected area of Dallas. For now UberEATS can only service parts of Uptown, Downtown, West End, the Design District, Oak Lawn and Deep Elm.


2) Because UberEATS prearranges the menu with their restaurant partners, you cannot customize your orders. Be sure you do not select something that you cannot or will not eat.


3) There are only a couple of lunch dishes to choose from on a daily basis.


4) UberEATS is only available during lunch hours.


My Overall Thoughts:


I liked the experience of UberEATS! It is definitely worth the hype because it is like ordering delivery but faster! The idea of never having to commute to the restaurant during rush hour is very enticing.


I also give UberEATS a thumb up because it eliminates the need for transportation. If you’re are like me and rely on mass transit, finding good places to grab lunch within walking distances can be difficult at times. I covet my lunch hour so I am thrilled that I am able to order decent food and enjoy it with my mom. :)


When I was talking to my UberEATS driver, I told him that this was my first time. As a way to thank me for my support (I theorize), he gave me a $5 USD off coupon for the next time I use UberEATS! Big take away from this: BE NICE AND TALK TO THE PERSON WHO DELIVERS YOUR FOOD.


The food I tried was delicious too! The BBQ Brisket sandwich was savory and melted in my mouth. The salad was flavorful and mouthwatering as well.


If you try UberEATS in the future, let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.


Until Next Time,




“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”

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