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My 1st Experience At a Real Ranch

As a proud Texan, I often wonder what other people in different states and countries think of me and my fellow comrades. Wait...never mind, I know what others think because people – from New York to Berlin – expressed to me exactly what they think Texans eat, drink and do in their spare time. I was, foolishly, baffled by what I heard. So many told me that they believed in the “stereotypical” perceptions of Texas and Texans! *Gasps!* This is the long list of what I heard:



  • All Texans ride horses wherever they go.

  • Everyone owns guns.

  • Most Texans are racists (I do not know what political, racial, ethnicity, or age demographic and/or entity they were referencing).

  • All Texans love and only listen to country music.

  • There are no cities in Texas, only small towns. (This one really confuses me because what do they call Dallas?! A town?!)

  • Cowboy hats, boots, Wrangler jeans, and other western attire are staple pieces in EVERYONE’S wardrobe.

  • All Texans chew and spit tobacco.

  • Most people live on ranches and have an oil rig nearby.

  • Everything is BIG and over the top in Texas (i.e. houses, food servings – yikes – cars, hats, hair etc.).



  • Everyone speaks in an exaggerated Texan twang accent.

  • Everyone greets with “Howdy Y’all!”

  • Every male has “Bob” in their name. (i.e. Billy Bob, John Bob, and Bob Bob)

  • Every female has “Mary” or “Sue” in their name (i.e. Mary Jane, Mary Joe, Mary Sue or Sue Ellen).

  • All women have BIG hair and BIG assets.


Food and Weather

  • Texas has deadly tornadoes.

  • Every meal includes biscuits, gravy, and something fried (My stomach is literally churning at the thought).

  • The only Mexican food is TexMex (Wait...this one is true. I love my TexMex).


When I heard this list of stereotypes and pseudo-stereotypes, I attempted to calmly remind them that Texas and the people residing in the state are just like everybody else! The only difference is that we have MORE fun, BETTER food, BETTER sports, and BIGGER houses. ;)


Even though I am strongly against ALL stereotypical and banal views of Texas, I decided to humor this perception and drive out to a ranch called Circle K with my mom a month ago. I thought I was going to hate it – I do not like being outdoors unless I am 1) playing a sport or 2) working out – but it was actually really fun! We took a nap on the ranch’s enormous “wrap-around” porch, cooked our own 20 oz steak on an open fit pit, took lovely pictures, looked at (DID NOT TOUCH) animals, mooed at Longhorn steers, and indulged ourselves with Heineken beer and wine (naturally). Below are the pictures from our time there. I hope you like them!



Until Next Time,



“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”


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