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If you watched my Instagram or Snapchat (teemosley) stories, you know that we snagged two VIP tickets to Dallas Observer Iron Fork. We sampled many mouthwatering dishes and cocktails at this annual tasting event. EVERY sample was so good! We had to write about it so that you can try these entrees and drinks for yourself.


What is Dallas Observer Iron Fork?


Before we dig in the best and most popular samples, let us provide some information about Dallas Observer Iron Fork. Iron Fork is a grand tasting event that allowed 50 local Dallas restaurants to present their best dishes to the public alongside wine, beer and cocktail samplings.


But that’s not all.


The Iron Fork’s center stage featured a Chef Challenge! This challenge was just like Food Network’s Iron Chef America but in Dallas and on a smaller scale.


The event pitted Chef Aaron Staudenmaier of Lovers Seafood and Eric Dreyer of Fearing’s Restaurant against each other. Each chef was presented with a basket of ingredients from Whole Foods Market and fought hard for the Iron Fork Award.


What do you get?


As a said above, we got a pair of VIP tickets. This included one-hour early admission at 6 pm for unlimited food samples before the general public, PLUS 8 Wine, Beer or Cocktail samples! We also got access to the Iron Fork Chef Competition, complimentary valet and a bag full of VIP swag. This deal cost us $65 bucks per ticket – WHATTA DEAL! The ticket is normally $90.


If you want to attend Iron Fork next year, we recommend that you take advantage of the early bird special and buy tickets months in advance.



Best of Dallas Observer Iron Fork 2017

Alright, now that you know about the event, here’s our top 3 samples. Be sure to buy these drinks or visit the restaurants to taste the greatness for yourself!

Best Food

Sundown at Granada |  Pesto pasta with basil and sun-dried tomato (Vegan)

Sundown at Granada is Dallas-based beer garden and restaurant adjacent to the Granada Theater. At Sundown you will find a selection of 60+ beers, an enormous patio and a menu that promotes the farm-to-table movement. Many locals love this restaurant because of its grass-fed beef, specialty cocktails and an abundance of vegan/vegetarian options.


I have yet to dine at Sundown, but it is on my list of places to eat at now!

Best Drink

Casa Noble Tequila | Jalapeno and Cucumber Cocktail (Vegan)

Casa Noble Tequila has got to be the BEST organic tequila I have EVER tasted! The cocktail we sampled was smooth, semi-sweet and spicy. We were able to get a depth of the flavor because Casa Noble distills their tequila three times. Their website says, “Most tequila is distilled twice. But craving a higher-quality, superior tequila, we became one of the first to distill tequila three times. Achieving the purest tequila we ever tasted, plus the characteristics and aromatic essence that are uniquely Casa Noble.”


We don’t know the specific ingredients in our cocktail sample, but you can find a similar Casa Noble recipe down below. I also linked it here.


Spicy Buck Cocktail Recipe:



2 oz. Casa Noble Reposado Tequila

2 thin slices jalapeno

1 tbsp. sliced ginger

1 oz. lemon

0.75 oz. simple syrup

Ginger ale or ginger beer

Dash bitters

Lemon wedge



Muddle jalapeno, ginger, lemon and simple syrup in a shaker; add ice.

Shake until chilled.

Strain into glass over ice, top with ginger ale or ginger beer; add bitters.

Garnish with lemon wedge




Best Restaurant Concept


Éclair Bistro



The best restaurant concept goes to Éclair Bistro - hands down! This contemporary restaurant launched a 7-COURSE tasting menu accompanied by projection mapping. The Éclair’s representative at the Iron Fork told us that projection mapping is a visual table top graphics program. In other words, a projector will display dancing graphics on your table while you eat!



How cool is that?!



Check out their video for more information.

We want to eat here and you should too! The 7-course menu includes an amuse bouche, starter, bread and artisan butter, sea course, land course, palette cleanser and dessert. Reservations are required and recommended that you make them in advance. Call 214 701-4409 to reserve. If needed, you can request vegan/vegetarian options. Eclair Bistro is located at 216 E. Virginia in downtown Mckinney.

That concludes our list! Which drink or dish do you want to try? Comment down below.

Until Next Time,



“You’re life is happening now. Make it amazing!’



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