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I am happy to announce that I have partnered with a swimwear brand called Swim Classy to promote their message of BODY POSITIVITY and give you a coupon code!



Swim Classy is a unique swimsuit online store made by the everyday woman for the ordinary woman. All their photos are strictly unedited aside from lighting adjustments. It is important to note that Swim Classy does not modify the body or enhance the face. All of their models are everyday women with healthy me!! In this post, I am modeling the “Enchanted Sunset” two piece in golden mustard and the “Honeymoon” set in red. To align myself with the message of self-love, I did not modify my body or face in effort to look slimmer.



This is the real me people. Stretch marks, fat and all. Take it or leave it.


I am posting about my collaboration on What Taylor Likes, Facebook and Instagram because it is important to promote body positivity online. I hope that spreading the Swim Classy message will show that anyone can be proud of their bodies. Do not let social media trolls affect the way YOU feel about YOUR body!


Have a body you can be proud of by remembering that happiness isn't size specific. 



To further spread the message of SELF LOVE, Swim Classy gave me a coupon code to give to my followers! Use TAYLORM at checkout and receive 25% off! This swimwear brand is perfect. You can gift a swimsuit, buy it now for a holiday vacation or save it for the summer. 


*Note: Swimsuits run small so size up!!! I am wearing a size L in the Honeymoon Set and a size M in the Enchanted set. Let me know what you think of this collab in the comment section!


Here are my top picks from their site:


What Taylor Likes - Swim Classy
What Taylor Likes - Swim Classy

Honeymoon Set

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What Taylor Likes - Swim Classy 2
What Taylor Likes - Swim Classy 2

Enchanted Set

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