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What Taylor Likes- Birthday


Each new year brings a new book containing 365 blank pages. Last year I choose to fill those pages with great memories! In chronological order, I’ve listed my life’s most awesome moments of 2016. Rather it be me traveling the country, attending a fashion show or spending time with family, I wrote down my most moving and meaningful events. In a way, keeping a written memory of experiences that have defined and shaped my character reminds me how blessed I truly am and how far I have come. My most awesome moments are listed below:




1. I interviewed Jasonja Prelow, the creator of the All Natural Healthy Cookie. Her company produces HEALTHY, ALL NATURAL cookies, brownies, muffins and pie tarts. The first time I tried her cookies and brownies I was…skeptical. I mean, who has ever heard of a health cookie?!! I was afraid to taste it because all the desserts that are good for you and organic usually taste like dirt.


However, to my surprise I loved the cookies! My favorite flavors were the Original Cookie, Dark Chocolate Chip, Almond Jewel, Kale and Carrot. The cookies taste so delicious because they are made with real almond milk, real oats, real nuts and real chocolate chips! In the Kale & Carrot cookie, you can physically see all the little bits of green kale and orange carrot. . I am not sure which products are vegan but all of her desserts are 100% vegetarian. You can check out my interview with Jasonja here





2. February is special to me not only because did I travel to Austin but I also started veganism during this month. I had such an amazing time visiting my friends from college who live in Austin, Texas. I went exploring, hiking, running and more! Most of my highlights included buying vegan food from food trucks and eclectic cafes. I will link all the places I visited in case you are in Austin and want to go here! Be sure to check out my pictures! You can view more pictures here.



3. I traveled to Seattle! My mom and I took this trip together because we were trying to take bi-monthly mother-daughter weekend trips to destinations across the U.S. In June we found ourselves sleepless in Seattle! I did not know that Seattle was the home to 460 Starbucks shops and several eclectic cafes! My addiction to caffeine officially reached a whole new level as we popped into different coffee shops in between our Seattle tours and adventures. The vegan food there is also amazing!!! If you want to see the kinds of adventures we embarked on and view our day-to-day itinerary view the post.



4. I got the travel bug and flew to California to see my closest Vassar friends and teammates (Clara, Marie, Paige and Mark) in LA and San Francisco. I had a blast cruising down the Californian coast in a convertible mustang and strolling down Venice Beach. Oh, how nice it was! California has got to be one of the best places I have visited last year. I am absolutely going back in 2017.   




5. Happy Birthday to What Taylor Likes!!! September 2016 marked the one year anniversary of this website. In 2015 I took a brave, but scary, step and created a space that would allow me to share life experiences with my friends, family and readers. I can hardly believe how much I have grown because of this site…because of you!


Many of you emailed me in order to express your thoughts on what I had to say:

Hello My Lovely, I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to me. I am so proud to call you my best friend! I love you! :)


I'm so very proud of you!!! I'm praying bountiful blessings upon your vision and goals.


I am so extremely proud of you, the thankfulness you're expressing and the entertainment/exposure you are providing! I look forward to your Thursday posts!


Taylor Mosley is the most loyal and loving person. She also tells it like it is.


You're amazing and I love you tremendously!!!


Taylor, WOW!!! You are amazing!!!! I am proud to know you sweet girl!!!!​


Thank you all for your inspiring comments and support!

6. I went to my first fashion show! The fashion show I attended was called Road to Runway which was hosted by Fashion X Dallas. Before the show all the VIP guests met at the Bungalow Beach Club in Dallas. At the club I was given a brief preview of the first-ever Cadillac XT5 crossover and first-ever Cadillac CT6, prior to being driven to the Fashion X Dallas Finale Show at Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG). My party elected to ride in an Escalade that was completely tricked out. The car nearly costed $100,000. That’s insane, right?

At the fashion show I received free swag gifts and drinks!  I had access to an exclusive VIP Lounge as well as premiere seats for the show. The atmosphere was poppin’ and the designers were amazing. Shout out to my fashion friends Madison and Mason for taking me as their plus one.

Following the fashion show, our Cadillac chauffeur escorted us back to the Bungalow Beach Club for an after-party complete with complimentary beverages and access to the exclusive Cadillac section with custom Cadillac-inspired drinks!!! Needless to say, I HAD A GREAT TIME.


7. Experienced New Orleans aka NOLA on a budget!! New Orleans is famous for its architecture, culture, history, music and nightlife. To thoroughly explore every inch of the city, all you need is $50. There are several local spots and hidden gems that will give you a TRUE New Orleans experience. 


Look at my recommendations for $50 a Day Budget in New Orleans! There are recommendations for things to see and do in several different neighborhoods of the city. It is proven and tested by me! Along the way I splurged on certain activities, like the Bike Tour, to gain more memories and cultural knowledge.


  • Lower Garden/ Mid-City

(Neighborhoods with Local Favorites)

Breakfast: For an inexpensive breakfast head over to Mojo Coffeehouse in the Lower Garden District ($5).

Activity 1: After coffee, take a 15 minute walk to meet your Lower Garden Tour Guide. Book a free tour of the neighborhood through Free Tours by Foot. The tour is free but you can pay what you want ($10).

Lunch: Walk (or splurge on Uber $6) to The Ruby Slipper ($12). The Ruby Slipper is a popular spot in New Orleans so be prepared to wait.

Activity 2: Ride the St .Charles trolley ($3 round trip) to City Park and enjoy the 1,300 acre park in New Orleans for FREE.

Dinner: Go to Happy Hour at Vessel and enjoy a drink for ($6). Small Plates and Flatbread will cost you $9-13.

Total: $49 tax not included

Splurge Total: $55



  • Day 2 – French Quarter

(Historic neighborhood)

Breakfast: Get cheap beignets at Café De Monde. You can order 3 French doughnuts ($2.14). The place will be packed but it is a historical icon of the city. Splurge and get a large coffee for $3.64.

Activity 1: Walk across the street and stroll through the French Quarter. There are local merchants selling their work in the Jackson Square. You can also find the 1850 HouseThe 1850 House Tour ($3) provides you with historical background of the city.

Lunch: Head to the Green Goodness ($15) vegetarian/vegan-friendly meal.

Activity 2: See The Cabildo Museum ($6) and/or splurge by going to Pat O’Brien’s, New Orleans’ oldest bar. Order The Hurricane ($8.50).

Dinner: Walk 15 minutes to Dreamy Weenies for gourmet hot dogs ($9). Vegetarian/Vegan options are available!

Total: $35.14 tax not included

Splurge Total: 47.28 tax not included



Get the fully list of recommendations here.



8. I had the pleasure of guest writing for a travel blog called Brittany From Boston. I actually know the author behind Brittany From Boston via college (we played volleyball together). I was thrilled to reconnected and collaborate with her on a post for her blog., which is about how a “20-something who left behind her traditional life for one filled with travel and endless adventures.” Amazing, right? I know.


You can check out my guest post here!


9. I cooked my own vegan Thanksgiving feast! My spread of food included: Cornbread Dressing, Mushroom Gravy, Tofurkey, Kale Caesar Salad with Bacon, Potato Salad and Carrot Cake! This was my first time cooking a gigantic feast for myself and it went pretty well! My favorite dish is the Cornbread Dressing and Mushroom Gravy. I got my recipes from Hot For Food. I absolutely love this vegan cooking Youtube channel because they make the best food! You can get all the recipes here.





10. I added the Annette Affect segment to What Taylor Likes! The Annette Affect is your guide to chic, economical home decor. Read the posts on how to style your dining room table, living room and more! Annette recently wrote about how to decorate your table for the winter season. Read it here!!

You can book Annette to style your home, Christmas Tree or table. For prices and available dates email

11. On December 30th I turned 24 years old! I shouldn”t have to explain why this counts as an awesome moment in my life!

What is your most awesome moment of 2016? Be sure to comment down below! Don't forget to join the tribe by subscribing to this blog! 



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