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There’s a quote by Neale Donald Walsch that says, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This saying holds true when you graduate from high school. In an instant, you are snatched from your old school, teachers and friends that you have known since you were in diapers. Whether you go to college or get a job, there are more lessons life will teach you after you turn the tassel.


We recently went to my high school’s volleyball alumni game and it caused us to reflect on the past. There were feelings of nostalgia, but mostly we felt like we learned a ton since graduating six years ago.


Here’s a list of 6 Things You Learn After Graduating High School:


1. You will not stay friends with everybody.

While it may sound ridiculous, you will not be close friends with 80% of the people you know in high school. Most people keep in touch with a handful of friends…but that’s it! We have 4 people that we talk to on a regular basis and those friends will always be there for us.

2. Don’t know how to do something? No problem!

You don’t know how to do everything. Taxes, pay bills and be an adult…all these concepts are foreign to you and that’s okay. Learning is a part of life. Now that we are 6 years out of high school, we’ve educated ourselves on how (to have – delete) to budget, pay student loans, and buy professional clothes instead of purchasing alcohol, trendy gadgets and etc.


3. Education is a privilege

Going to school is a privilege! We regret the times we ever complain about suffering through homework. Learning is empowering and can be used as a weapon to change the world. When you reflect on it, it is awesome that young people get to go to school without the worries. You don’t have bills to pay or mouths to feed. Enjoy the time you have now to be young and take advantage of the free resources you have at your finger tips!




4. Your parents will be your best friends

You may think your parents give you hell. It’s their job, however, to mold you into the very best version of yourself. You will understand this and appreciate your parents years down the road. It’s the truth! I promise.


5. Money doesn’t go on trees​

Remember when we said that we have to budget and pay student loans? Well that’s because money doesn’t grow on trees! Adulting is expensive and you want to start saving as much money as possible now.


6. You will be okay

Your life is not ending just because you graduated high school. You might leave behind some great memories but you will be okay! You are starting your BEST life now and invigorating!


What do you think of our list? If you have any more tips and advice to tell the younger generation, share your knowledge in the COMMENTS section!


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Until Next Time,




“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”



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