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Does college really prepare you for the real world?

When you become an adult, there are many aspects about adulthood that you don’t know. While college helps you build a strong intellectual foundation, there are a lot of lessons a textbook cannot teach you!

As a twenty-three year old post grad, I am realizing that there are a lot of skills and principles I didn’t learn in college. Here are 6 things I didn’t learn in school:


1. Opportunities don’t fall into your lap

College did not teach me how to chase my dream, venture into the world and seek out opportunities. For the vast majority, opportunities are not given to you. You have to go get them. Over time, thankfully, I’ve learned that I am in control of my future and can achieve what I want out of life.

2. The job hunt process is a real Bi*ch

College didn’t teach me how to be employed. After I decided to find opportunities for myself, it was hard to land a job. Some hiring professionals said I needed more experience and others thought I was overqualified. It took me SIX long months before I nailed a job opportunity.


3. Your degree means nothing…in most cases

College didn’t teach me skills necessary for the workforce. My International Studies and Arabic degree meant nothing when it came to finding my place in corporate America. The reality is that my degree means nothing and that I need experience to move up in the “jobshpere.” While having a degree is dandy, it only makes your resume more appealing.


4. Networking is key

College didn’t teach me that networking is extremely useful. It’s all about who you know. When you are an undergraduate, it is hard to conceptualize how far networking can get you. I wish my school stressed the usefulness of networking because I currently leverage my connections on a day to day basis.


5. How to handle office politics

College didn’t teach me how to handle office politics. In fact, my university didn’t even tell me that office politics were a real thing! A class that taught you how to adapt to different managerial styles and deal with office politics would have been useful. At least I would have been equipped with a few coping strategies before facing the big bad wolves!


6. Financial planning

College didn’t teach me how to manage my credit, invest and financially prepare for my future. I think that many students would benefit from have a course in financial planning and investing. Too many millennials are spending their money on frivolous things and not reaping the benefits of saving.


Question: What did you not learn in college? Please comment and share if you enjoyed this post!

Until Next Time, 


"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!"



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