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Dallas, Tx – One of the best cities in the country for beer, wine and spirits. If you are in the area, it is only fitting that you visit the greatest outdoor beer festival in the south next year.


Be sure to mark your calendars for fall 2018!!  Here are the five reasons to check out Dallas Observer BrewFest:




Each General Admission grants you permission to bathe in beer – over 500 beers – at the Dallas Farmers Market. Your ticket comes with twelve 2-ounce samples. If you are beer enthusiast on a mission to taste all 500 beers, you can purchase additional sampling cards. The beer festival only lasts for one night. You can, however, upgrade your ticket to VIP status to get in one hour early. This will allow you and all your tipsy friends to enjoy the tasting at a leisurely pace.


Here’s a short list of breweries who participated this year:


512) Brewing Co
Abita Brewing Co
Ace Cider
American Vintage Beverage
Angry Orchard Hard Cider 
Big Bend Brewing Co
Breckenridge Brewery
Cedar Creek Brewery
Chimay Brewery
Cobra Brewing
Coedo Brewery
Einstok Beer
Estrella Damm
Firestone Walker Brewing Co
Founders Brewing Co.
Goose Island
Henry’s Hard Soda
MOA Brewing Co
No Label Brewing Co
Noble Rey Brewing Co
Peticolas Brewing Co
Pyramid Breweries
Rabbit Hole Brewing
Rahr & Sons Brewing Co
Real Ale Brewing Co.
Squatters Craft Beers 
St. Killian Importing
Stella Cidre
Stone Brewing Co 
Texas Ale Project
The Bruery
Total Beverage Solution
Truly Spiked and Sparkling
Tupps Brewery
Upslope Brewing Co.
Val Dieu
Wild Acre Brewing Co
Woodchuck Cider



(Woah that’s a lot of beer!)



You can’t have beer without food!


What is awesome about BrewFest is that it’s not all about the beer. Several restaurants across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex can showcase their most popular dishes too.


Grub Burger Bar, Olivella’s Neo Pizza, Tacos La Banqueta, Tha Smokin’ Chef, and Chiloso Mexican Bistro were some of the eateries present this year.



Need a beer break? BrewFest has you covered.


Head to the dance floor and move your feet to beat! This is where the party starts! Nothing makes the party better than when the DJ starts mixing and spinning the latest hits.




Never fear of being an outsider at this event!! Every festival-goer is friendly and welcoming. People are willing to share their ideas and recommendations on which booths to visit as well as their favorite brand. You will make friends for sure and come away with a lot more beer knowledge!






Dallas is such an amazing city. This beer fest takes advantage of its location by holding the event outdoors at the Dallas Farmers Market (DFM). The DFM is nestled among the skyscrapers in the Dallas skyline and is the heart of downtown.


Add lively beer enthusiasts, music and…bam! You have the perfect setting for an amazing beer festival. In the past, BrewFest was held at a differing location. Let’s cross our fingers and pray that it stays at DFM!



If you have any questions, write to us in the comment section below. You can see more tips on How to Be Vegan and Survive a Beer Festival here


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