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We started my Wonder-Woman series as a way to show the online community that there are women, young and old, with limitless potential (you can read the previous post about  "Wonder-Woman: Dorothy Jones" and "Wonder Woman: Gabby Miller). Since it is May and Mother's Day is in a few days, we are celebrating Annette Mosley's selflessness as a mother and ruthless tenacity as a businesswoman.


Annette is the mother of Taylor Mosley, founder of this blog and digital magazine, and Bailey Mosley, a junior at Drake University. She also is the person behind 90% of the photos you see on What Taylor Likes! She is the heart of their family...a true matriarch. Check out our interview with her down below:




What’s your full name?

Priscilla Annette Mosley


Where were you born?

Fairfield, Texas

Describe yourself?

Greatly Blessed! Highly Favored! Deeply Loved! This is really how I describe myself, but I guess I need to get more generic.  I am quite simple but yet complex.  I am ever evolving, and I love it.  I like things and people that challenge me, make me grow and push me.  I have a profound sense of faith. Thus, I always have hope and an expectancy of the miraculous.  I am willing to try new things, explore different concepts and value the experiences.  I love to interior decorate and be creative. I participate in several physical activities which I enjoy such as hot yoga, cycling, Pilates, and crew.   


I am an avid reader and will read at least three books at a time.  In fact, I learned to speed read at an early age so that I could finish the book before my mom made me turn off the lights!  I am a hopeless romantic at heart and value the little things as well as the big things!!  The best day is a spa day with acupuncture, reflexology, deep tissue massage, hot bubble bath and a great dinner!


I love to travel with planned activities and spur of the moment impulses. But most of all, I love being a mom to my girls.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?  

I wanted to be a psychiatrist because even when I was young, people always confided in me and asked for my advice.  I had a passion for helping others solve their problems and find happiness. I also wanted to be an undercover detective like the one on “Get Christie Love” show. Ha!

What is your occupation?

I am a Nuclear Technical Advisor for an independent nonprofit science and technology research institute that focuses on enhancing the quality of life by making electric power safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible in the US and internationally.

What kind of hardships do you endure as an African-American female in your industry?


Where to start? There are inequalities and lack of opportunities based on race and gender. The major obstacle is being "visible" in a world where the tendency is to overlook your potential, contribution, and relevance.  One would think it would be hard to miss an individual such as myself but believe me; there have been plenty of times that suddenly I've developed magical powers of the Invisible Man!


But to keep it real, not only is there not many African-American females in the nuclear industry but also there are not many females of any culture present. As a double minority (African American and female), hardships are commonplace because the industry is predominantly Caucasian and I am marginalized.


Your occupation is male-dominated. What pushes you towards success? How do you break the glass ceiling?

The mere fact that I am a "Kate Titus Kid” is enough to set the bar high for any success comparison. I push because I know my worth without it being substantiated by anyone or anything outside of myself. I believe the ceiling can be broken by challenging the status quo, communicating your progression plans, asking the questions of “Why not me?” and negotiating concessions. After you've done those things, turn your energy and attention inwards. It 's hard but possible. My faith has helped to not ponder on it too intensely because I got mouths to feed and their tuition bills to pay!

What inspires you?

My daughters inspire me. Every moment of my day, I am motivated to be a better me than yesterday. I want to provide them a blueprint to excellence as I had growing up.  My real inspiration whispers to me daily through the voice of my mom who was blind and is now deceased twenty years. My goal is always to remember that there are absolutely no impossible, no obstacles, no boundaries nor any limitations upon my life, desires, dreams or goals!!!  It would probably be mind-blowing to some to get a peek or know what’s REALLY on my list to accomplish! Ha!

How would you describe single parenthood?


Geesh! It’s TOUGH yet rewarding. It's a struggle, but it promotes growth.  It's lonely, but it’s self-defining while operating autonomously. It's NOT the ideal position to be, but it will provide you with a platform to develop strength, potential, selflessness, courage and tenacity that could have otherwise remained latent had it not been called upon. The role is not easily describable.  The full meaning/concept is something I believe one has to experience to grasp the complexities and understand the task thoroughly. The stress and burden can be very taxing at times, and sometimes depression can be its constant companion.  Establishing a life balance while having to shoulder the roles & responsibilities of both parents is extremely difficult.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are not alone.

Whether your spouse has died or you’ve survived a painful divorce, I am sure there is a grieving process. How did you heal after divorce?

It's not something that could be immediately cured, especially given the amount of time the relationship lasted – twenty-five years.  The process was a slow one for me partly because I had two extra lives (my daughters) to consider as a huge part of the dissolution.  Their well-beings and stability were my first concerns.  I submerged myself into the caretaking of my girls emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.  Therefore, I did not immediately address my emotions until much later…I mean YEARS later.  There are an array of emotions that weave in and out  during the healing process. I experienced feelings similar to those of a death as well as fear but yet there was an expectancy of excitement.

How has motherhood changed you?

I never knew my heart had the capacity to grow to such dimensions nor love so profoundly until the births of my two daughters.  I have never been more blessed than when I assumed the title of Mom! I immediately acquired the attributes of unselfishness and sacrifice once those bundles of joy were placed into my arms.  The role of motherhood has been my most meaningful and rewarding honor.  This position humbles you, enriches you, stretches you, develops you and stresses you…all at once.  I believe my life is far richer because I got to be the guardian of two precious souls.

What advice would you give your daughters?

My ongoing advice to my girls is always to remember that they are first and foremost Kingdom Kids and then a Kate Titus Kid - which means that they are strong, brilliant, fearless and compassionate with NO LIMITATIONS!!  I want them to repeat these two identities to themselves when doubt, fear, and uncertainty raise their ugly heads. There will be times when they will have to walk alone to accomplish their dreams, so put those blinders on and keep focus!!


Secondly, I want to stress that there is power in words.  Don't allow any affirmations of death come across your lips! Speak only "life" into your situations.


Finally, I want them to be cautious and cognizant of their thoughts. If they realized how powerful their thoughts are, they would never think a negative thought.

What’s the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?

The best decision I ever made was to pursue my master degree through SMU Executive MBA program, ranked 3rd in the world. This experience not only brought me into contact with some of the most brilliant minds but also created lifelong friendships. Additionally, this degree provided me a platform to get my "swagger" back after years of being consumed with pouring excellence into others. 


The worst decision I ever made was delaying pursuing my dreams. Never put off reaching and stretching for goals!!! Each of us has such potential inside just waiting for an invitation to be cultivated and brought forth.


You can follow Annette on Facebook, Instagram and The Annette Affect (Instagram). Be sure to leave a comment down below if you like this interview!

Until Next Time, 


"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!"



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