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10 Active Allies Who Support Black Lives

Not all white people are evil! Here are 10 active allies who support black lives. You should support and follow these non-BIPOC creators who have stood up not only for me but for the black community. Racism is a cultural disease. It affects how you deal with people rather you know it or not. A BIG thank you to all these anti-racist ladies.

These are in no particular order. By publishing this list of diverse women, we hope you can find someone who speaks to you and your journey. You can find more creators on our 25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020 and 15 Black Dallas Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow.

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1. thebasicbloggerbitch

Alex is your guide to everything Dallas. She has checked on our physical and mental well being every day. She has numerous resources for businesses and bloggers. In a post she said:

"Just know that in this age of information, ignorance is really a choice. || I have spent the last few days really just talking to my friends and listening to all their stories. I’ve also been reading and researching and learning. The number of heartbreaking stories I have read and been told this past week is definitely weighing heavy on me but also has opened my eyes even more..."


2. mvrubi

Monica is the sweetest, most truthful creator out there. She is not about the drama and will call it as she sees it. Her stories are filled with unbiased information. In a post she said:

"The words of Angela Davis in 1972 about violence in America. As said by her “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist we must be antiracist.” Violence is not the answer but understand WHY! Take the time to educate yourself. There are so many leaders and black freedom writers to learn from. Knowledge is power. Silence is violence..."


3. theskinnyconfidential

We have been following each other for a year and can tell you that Lauren is the most supportive ally out here. She put out a video that said:

"Being a good human is to practice empathy and try to understand other people’s experiences and perspectives, to not project your own experiences on to others, to boldly call out wrongdoing when you see it, to try to use a privileged platform to promote and broadcast voices that have been unheard, to do your best to silence those who promote hatred & oppression, and to remember that it starts at home- kindness, acceptance, inclusion of all walks of life, and empathy are examples all children should have. "


4. littlemixico

Dani uses her faith and relationships to encourage progress and change. In her vlog, she shared the Good Samaritan Story (Luke 10:25-37) and how it relates to what is happening in the world. In a post she said:

"I want us to fight for injustice in REAL LIFE + in public. To speak out and to really be there for our black brothers and sisters that have BEEN needing us since day one. Racism isn’t new and we should all do better at staying informed and being there when people need us."

25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020 - What Taylor Likes


5. kaitgmiller

Kait is a mental health blogger! When you need to get out of your head, watch Kait's stories to uplift you. We like following her because she, honestly, acknowledges her white privilege while actively supporting black lives.


6. fabfabela

Fab is a dear friend of ours who promotes positivity while asking her followers to stand up for change. In a post she said:

"This is the time to come together because we are responsible for much necessary change. If you are not troubled by what is happening because it hasn’t directly affected you, please educate yourself. Please also carry your voice offline and & off social media. Speak out."


7. nourishing.amy

Amy is UK plant-based food blogger and recipe developer. While creating food content, she also shares resources so that her following can be a force for good and change. In a post she said that she will keep reading, listening, and learning beyond this week.


8. nicolemehta

Nicole is a fashion blogger based out of Texas. Her content seeks to push the boundaries and challenges her following to be better. She posted the quote, "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."


9. thebakingfairy

Valentina is a health care worker who is baking up a plant-based storm in the kitchen. We love how she uses food to unit people together. In a post she said:

"In times like these, there is no shame in falling back on what you know. And what I KNOW is that food brings people together and unites us across cultural and individual differences. I will be participating in@bakersagainstracismto fundraise for organizations supporting#BlackLivesMatter. I haven’t decided yet if I will be supporting just one organization or multiple!"


10. msnazzy

Maria has been so helpful to us during this time of anti-racism. We had meaningful conversations and exchange resources on a weekly basis. In a post she said:

"I will never understand what it is like to be a person of color in America. I will never understand the hardships, fear, and pain that is suffered by so many on a daily basis."

25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020 - What Taylor Likes



15. karolamramirez

If you can want to be inspired, follow this woman right here. Her feed makes up so happy. She promotes black creators and businesses in Fort Worth. She also listed 15 Social Justice Organizations to Support Right Now. You can find it on her highlights.

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"Your life is happening now! Make it amazing!

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