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15 Black Dallas Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow

Here are 15 black Dallas bloggers and creators that you should support and follow. My friend BlackGirlsWhoBrunch posted about our experience as black bloggers. We get the response, "well there aren’t many black bloggers to follow or invite to events.” This is not true. There are SO MANY BEAUTIFUL creators that have quality work. Please read, support, and share these profiles so that their stories as black bloggers and/or creators can be heard during a time where racism is rampant.

These are in no particular order. We are excited about this list of black bloggers and/or creators because they all have something different to offer! You can find more creators on our 25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020.

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1. yourbrandmaven

Ashley is a music blogger covering all genres. We first met her at a workout class and have been friends ever since. If you are looking for concerts to go to, Ashley is your girl.


2. foodfaithfreedom

Kimberly is the FUN food blogger. Her energy is on another level. All of her Dallas restaurant recommendations are always a hit for those that have tried them.


3. dfwfoodgirl

Mariah's account is great for the home cooks. Just look at the Stuffed French Toast she made. Somebody call Food Network!


4. fashncurious

Fashncurious is a mother-daughter fashion account. Their whole mission is to inspire you to have confidence and wear color and print. They are both super sweet and outgoing.

25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020 - What Taylor Likes


5. afrostylicity

Afrostylicity is a husband and wife duo that shares their travel and lifestyle gems. They also aim to inspire their followers to live your best life.


6. brithecutie

Brithecutie is literally such a cutie. Bri shares what this beautiful city has to offer while also featuring fashion and beauty content. She is a lover of traveling and trying new things.


7. ourwordshavepower

Michelle is a faith-based blogger in Dallas. Her daily scripture readings on her stories have gotten us through some hard times. She is also the most positive person we know.


8. glitzngrits

Aleshea is a blogger that only posts about Texas. Her hiking and camping trips make us want to break out the Girl Scout Badge!


9. myculinaryadventures_

Chief is a Texas only food blogger based out of Dallas. We like to follow him because he posts about food from all ethnicities.


10. thestylebarn

Kelley is our girl!! Her fashion sense is top-notch. Think runway but wearable. We need her to come shopping with us someday.


12. stephtaylorjackson

Steph is your got to resource for everything lifestyle: style, travel, beauty, and life. She is a boss and mom-to-be! We particularly like her outfits of the day.


13. mooreindallas

Brandon's blog highlights what to do in Dallas from nightlife to workouts. He also provides social media consulting to small businesses looking to leverage social media for their business goals and marketing.


14. mahoganyfaye

Ife is a Dallas style blogger with classic and minimalistic taste. We love how timeless all her looks are. Everyone needs solid neutrals and a few pops of color in their wardrobe.


14. busybeingshasha

Shasha is a new mother who posts about travel, food and everything to do with life. We just love her baby and are excited about watching her family grow.

25 Black Bloggers and Creators to Support and Follow in 2020 - What Taylor Likes


15. maineholdup

Jermaine is a creator we found earlier this year. His posts about self-care will help you smile and find the light in dark days.



16. karisrenee

Karis is the fashion blogger you see in several commercials on TV. We met her a couple of years ago and grateful that she remains a friend to us today!

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"Your life is happening now! Make it amazing!

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