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These quick and easy Christmas decorating ideas will add spice to your home décor this holiday season. Keep reading to find out how you can take your Christmas tree up a notch. I will also share a unique way to remember those special occasions celebrated over a bottle of wine. These tips will add that little extra charm and invite the holiday spirit into your home to create lasting memories.  

One small change to your Christmas tree can really take your decorating skills to the next level. Before you string the lights, wrap the garland or hang any ornaments, seriously consider purchasing a revolving tree stand that will show off your decorated tree from all angles!

I bought my Polygroup Revolving Tree Stand from Hobby Lobby. The process was simple, quick and easy.  After you snap the legs in place and secure the tree in the stand, all you have to do is turn on the power switch and your tree will rotate! A spinning tree comes in handy when you are wrapping lights. You just stand in one place with lights in hand while the tree spins! What a game changer! I no longer have to circle my tree a thousand times just to wrap a string of lights.   

The next hidden tip that will bring trees to life is Scentsicles. These scented sticks will fill your home with authentic aromas of Christmas! You can purchased them from Michael’s or Walmart.

I like to place Scentsicles in my artificial tree before I decorate with ornaments. The sticks are dark green in color (to match your tree or wreath) and come in different scents.  My favorite is Snow Berry Wreath but they also have Pine, Fir, Spruce and much more.

Once you have included these seemingly invisible elements to your tree, finish off by adorning with ornaments. Your tree is now arrayed in all its glory and will be so much more spectacular as it rotates 360 degrees majestically! Time to show off! As your tree revolves, the lights and decorations seem to sparkle a bit brighter!

With all this tree decorating, there might have been a little consumption of a glass of wine or two…possibly a bottle? Ha! Well, do not let that memory go to waste. Save that cork!

Plenty of people collect corks but customizing your cork is much better. I started collecting corks years ago but I’ve labeled each stopper with names, dates, places, and/or events so I can remember those happy moments. With the holiday festivities in full swing, I know there will be opportunities for you to grab those popped corks and mark a happy moment in time. There are multiple ways to be creative with your displays.  There are various containers now sold specifically for corks but any glass jar/container will do.  Ornaments, tinsel and holiday picks can be added to provide that little extra holiday charm!  Happy Collecting – that bottle wine will not be forgotten!

Be sure to comment down below and tell me what you liked about these ideas!

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