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November 2020 Income Report

Taylor Talks Newsletter - 11/30/2020

Another low month.....

Ever wondered how much bloggers make?!  Yeah, me too!! I decided to be transparent with you on exactly how much I make as a blogger/creator. So, the last Taylor Talk of every month will be mostly (or partly) dedicated to disclosing my blog income.  I think this will shed light on what really goes on in the industry. Everyone wants to be a blogger but has no idea how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into it.  

History What Taylor Likes started in September 2015. I didn't make anything for years. NOTHING. I spent money, in fact, on getting my blog up and running.  I got my first gifted campaign on January 2, 2017. I didn’t get paid for it. I think I actually agreed to get a promo code in order to buy something. SO IT WAS HALF GIFTED (please don’t do what I did...I would never do that now). I got my first paid campaign on November 10, 2018. I was paid a whopping $163.00 *sarcasm.* I was so happy though. Getting your first paid gig is exciting. If you do the math, I was a blogger for three years and didn't see any financial benefit during that time. After November 2018, I got a few sponsored projects here and there. Nothing substantial that I can remember. I received a ton of free product. Which is cool, but it doesn’t pay the bills...or tuition in my case.  I started making more money in 2020. I decided to consistently document my income this month so that I can see my progress as the months go on. 

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Current Report

November 2020 Income Report

$400 - This includes cash, gifted product, and services $150- This includes cash only Sometimes I feel like I am making no money at all! My work has slowed down significantly because of school. Doing these reports not only helps you but me too, haha! Good to know I can pay my rent in Pennslyvania. Where do I make my money?  My blog - Either I am getting paid to publish a post on my website or for other companies.  Cities and Tourism Groups - Different cities contract me to travel and talk about a destination, etc.  Social Media - Companies pay me to promote a product  Taylor Talks - The newsletter you are reading now.

Photography - I sell the rights to my photos now

HOMEWORK: Calculate your blog/creator earrings for this month. When you calculate your earrings...send them to me! I want to help you monetize your brand if that is your goal! We can think of ideas together.  If you have specific requests you would like us to talk about, send it our way. The terms and conditions of this newsletter are below.

NEED MORE HELP ASAP? Schedule a Zoom call with us if you need personalized help pitching to brands, finding brands, analytics, advice, resources, and more! We will tell you exactly what works for us. Seriously. No fluff or beating around the bush. What to know how to travel for your blog? We got you. Need help writing a pitch email? Let's edit it together. 

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