It’s Our 4th Blogiversary! Here’s 4 Top Blogging Tips for Beginners

It’s our fourth Blogiversary!

September 2019 marks the fourth year anniversary of What Taylor Likes. For those who are new to this site, we took a brave step in 2015 and created a space that would allow us to share life experiences with our friends, family, and readers. We can hardly believe how much we have grown because of this site…because of you!

We hosted a Blogiversary Brunch, because why not, at Mexican Bar Company in Dallas, Texas last month to celebrate. Big thank you to MBC for hosting us and to all who came! We had a blast eating and celebrating around the EPIC balloon garland we made for the event.

MBC offers the full scope of Mexican cuisine; handmade corn tortilla tacos, freshly prepared ceviches, guacamoles, salsas, and an exceptional selection of regional dishes. We ordered the hash (veganized) and several of our guest got the huevos al gusto. The menu and cute af china dishes is enough to keep us coming back!

There have been so many times where we wanted to give up but sweet emails and DMs from you, our readers, have kept us going strong. Here are 4 top blogging tips that we learned or strive to keep in mind during our 4th year of blogging:

1.Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are so helpful!!! We love to listen to blogging and social media podcasts. They keep us inspired and give us new ideas. We recommend that you listen to the Simple Pin’s Podcast, Micheal Hyatt’s early episodes, and Casual Fridays. They are life changing. We listened to season one, two, and three of Micheal’s podcast in our first year of blogging. Get ready to take notes if you are a new blogger. You will learn alot tips and tricks to improve your blogging and social media game.

2. Create a project report for every project

After every collaboration, we send project recaps to our brand reps. This helps us maintain transparency and proves to brands how much value we are delivering. Brands want to knowing how many lives were impacted by your content and what they are getting by investing in you.

Creating a report and showing deliverables is key to maintaining your business relationships and getting new ones. The screenshot above is an example of some of our projects and what our report looks like.

3. Give stuff away

From day one we hosted giveaways. For the first year or two, we hosted giveaways on our site every month! You can read our first giveaway today. It allowed us to demonstrate our gratitude by giving away FREE GIFTS via a sweepstakes contest. Each monthly gift varied and it all depended on “What Taylor Likes” at that particular moment.

We do not have monthly gifts now, but we still do them. We have a $100 Starbucks giveaway happening now, actually. Giving stuff away, rather that be prizes or content, adds value to your readers’ lives. It creates a sense of loyalty to your fans and keeps them coming.

In 2020, we are going to work on creating more content freebies like articles on how you can travel more, DIY for certain projects and more. If this is something you will like, let us know what content you would like to see.

4. Be consistent and make updates

We say this every year, but it is important to be consistent. We see the most growth when we are blogging and publishing articles every week. After this article goes live we are going to publish content, blogs or vlogs, twice a week until the end of the year.

Another thing we try to do is make updates to old post to keep them relevant and fresh. This may seem like a no brainier but it is easy to forget important things like this.

That’s our 4 top blogging tips that we learned or strive to keep in mind during our 4th year of blogging! There’s tons of other tips out there on the internet. Those are the tips that are helping us right now.

What are your tips?! Let us know in the comments below.

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