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Iris Phone lens


My IPhone 6 Plus camera is a joke.

For two to three months my camera took horrible pictures. Every time I snapped an image, the picture turned out to be pixely, blurry or too dark. For the amount of money I paid for my IPhone 6 Plus I should not have to experience such hardship!

I do not have time for piss-poor pictures. I will not stand for it.

 In effort to enhance my phone’s camera, without actually buying a new phone all together, I set out on a quest to find a lens system that will help me out.

I discovered the Iris Lens System by Photojojo via a Facebook post. The Iris Lens System is supposed to be “the best phone lenses on planet earth.” Based on this statement alone I had to check it out and see if it could be a solution to my problem.

When you buy the Iris Lens System (regular $109 USD), you get a macro, wide and fisheye lens. The wide lens is good for landscapes and group shots. The fisheye lens gives you a wide angle that wraps your image into 180-degrees. Lastly, the macro lens is great for close-up images, i.e. bugs, grass, and eyeballs.

This all sounds prefect for someone who is a blogger, a photographer, or anyone who wants to enhance their pictures. If you want to read my review/thoughts on the product and/or enter for a chance to win this system…keep on reading!

Setting up the Lens

Dealing with the mounting system is somewhat difficult at first. The lens system comes with a specific alignment device that slides between your case and your phone. The device is there so that the Iris Lens can align properly to your phone's camera. Once you place the alignment piece you can attach the grey mount to your phone via elastic cord. HOWEVER, the alignment piece does not fit all phone cases! The Photojojo website says that the Iris alignment piece fits most cases but if your case is more than 3mm thick then you will not be able to use the positioning device. Don’t worry! You don’t have to! The Iris system can be used on an IPhone without a case…which is what I did. Not using my Outer Box case eliminates the need for the alignment piece.

If you are not like me and want to use the alignment piece, place the plastic device inside your case.

See Phototjojo's picture below.

A nub will peak through your case’s camera opening. According to Photojojo, this nub fits into the notch of the Iris mount to securely align the lens with your phone’s camera.

Picture by Photojojo

Once you attach the alignment piece all you have to do is attached the mount and the lens you want to use.

The biggest problem that I had when trying to set up my Iris is that the mount will not stay put on the first try. I have to positon the elastic cord just right so that 1) I can actually use my phone without the bungee cord getting in my way and 2) keep the lens in place. Trying to align the Iris just right is tedious until you get the hang of it.

Other Notes:

You can’t use the flash. I hope you don’t take pictures in a dimly lit room because the Iris mount blocks the flash light.

The lens system only works on IPhone devices.

The Lenses

I stated earlier that when you buy the Iris Lens System, you get a macro, wide angle, and fisheye lens. The wide lens is good for landscapes and group shots. The fisheye lens gives you a wide angle that wraps your image into 180-degrees. Lastly, the macro lens is great for close-up images, i.e. bugs, grass, and eyeballs.

The lenses themselves are dope! According to Photojojo’s website the Iris Lens System is made out of “vacuum-deposited anti-glare coating, high precision robotic lathe-cut aluminum, diamond-polished glass element, and glass that is synthesized by the same factory as Lecia, Canon and Nikon.” From my experimentation with the lenses, I can tell that the quality is actually really good. For instance, the wide lens captured this candid shot of my sister and I.

If you scroll down you will see that I took the same picture using my IPhone camera and the Iris to demonstrate the differences.


Check out some unedited IPhone vs Photojojo images.


The Photojojo Iris Phone Lens is worth the hassle of mounting it up on your phone. The pictures the system captures are great. Ultimately, I am glad that I paid the money to have this in my possession. I plan to take this system with me when I travel or need to take quality pictures for Instagram or What Taylor Likes. I recommend Photojojo if you are a tech lover, a photographer, blogger, or someone who really loves pictures.

To get the Iris Lens System (regular $109 USD) for yourself for FREE, all you have to do is fill it to win it. It is simple. Fill out the form for a chance to win a phone lens system that can potentially change your Instagram game!

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