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Who Else Wants to Surf? Vast Oceans Surf and SUP Review

If you follow our travels and guides, you know that we went to Orlando mutiple times. We filled our trip with tons of activities that didn't have anything to do with theme parks. Yes, we didn't visit Epcot or Magic Kingdom!

Surprisingly, Central Florida is one of the world's greatest travel destinations. If you only visit the area to see theme parks, then you are missing out. Learning how to surf is an exciting activity you can do to create a vacation you'll remember.

Daytona Beach is one of the top and most famous places in Florida to surf. It’s soft, sandy beaches and tranquil water of the Atlantic Ocean makes this the perfect place to learn how to surf for the first time.

Before we actually learned how to surf, we had several fears. Fear of the wave height was our prominent fear. We didn't want to wipe out, hit a rock or reef a the bottom, or drown! Most importantly, we didn't want to be eaten by sharks or swept away by a big current.

Lucky for us Vast Oceans Surf and SUP School helped us not only overcome our fear but allowed us to surf like a pro too. Vast Oceans Surf & SUP School offers the best surfing lessons at Daytona Beach. My sister and I were shocked… downright flabbergasted when we learned how to surf in just one hour.

We credit our amazing experience to not only Vast Oceans, but to our instructor Ryan Ragan. Ryan was an Olympic surfer and a great teacher. He had us up riding the waves with techniques for proper paddling, positioning, standing, falling, ocean awareness, wave timing, and judgment skills.

What we liked the most about the lesson was the time Ryan took to go over safety precautions and technique before we hit the water. With our boards in the sand, we “practiced” paddling and popping up onto the board. Once we felt comfortable, he took us out to the water one-by-one and helped us paddle and find the right wave to catch.

Not only did Ryan have vast, professional knowledge about the sport, but he also had high energy. His enthusiasm for surfing is amazing! We highly recommend you taking a lesson here if you are in the Daytona Beach area.

Have you surfed before? Let me know in the comments below!

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