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4 Tips for Glamping at Getaway’s Tiny Cabin

Do you want to “getaway” to a tiny cabin in the woods? The answer is yes!

For my birthday weekend, we spent one night at Getaway House’s tiny cabin in Piney Woods. It was so much fun and we highly recommend that you book a cabin. Here are 4 tips you need to know before you go glamping.

Disclaimer: This post, 4 Tips for Glamping at Getaway’s Tiny Cabin is sponsored. As always, all opinions are my own.

About Getaway House

Before we talk about our glamping tips, let us give you some information about the company. Getaway House is a Brooklyn-based company that offers simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature. They have cabins outside Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Pittsburg, Cleveland and Washington, D.C.

The whole mission of Getaway's tiny cabin is to inspire you to “unplug from the daily hustle and to focus on yourselves, your relationships, and the wonder of nature.” Each tiny cabin for two has a comfortable queen bed with fresh linens and pillows. Cabins for four have two queen beds (one bed is lofted – think bunk bed style).

More indoor amenities include a bathroom with toiletries, a kitchen, a small dining table, and a chair. Outdoor amenities include a fire pit, grilling grate, picnic table, chairs, firewood, and Firestarter.

Glamping tips

1. Bring additional lighting for outdoors

We got to our Getaway tiny cabin around 8:00 p.m. The tiny cabins are located outside of the Dallas Metroplex in Piney Woods. Emphasis on the word “WOODS.”

With that being said, it was pitch black when we pulled up. There was only one porch light and a battery-powered lantern. I don’t know what we were expecting but we thought there would more outdoor light available. We ended up carrying the lantern around outside so that we can see.

Also, there is a huge picture window overlooking the fire-pit. We turned on all the lights so that it could illuminate the outside grounds around the window. Doing this helped us see what we were grilling over the fire a bit more.

Next time we book their tiny cabin, we are bringing more lanterns and flashlights to increase visibility.

4 Tips for Glamping at Getaway’s Tiny Cabin -What Taylor Likes

2. Bring extra foil

We absolutely loved our kitchen inside the tiny cabin. I don’t know if this was an amenity or not but there was a roll of foil underneath the sink. However, we only had about a foot of foil left to use.

We used the foil to lay over the grilling grate so that we can cook our plant-dased Beyond Meat burgers and sausage. It worked really well and our “meat” came out great! The only downside was that we couldn’t reuse the foil to grill in the morning.

4 Tips for Glamping at Getaway’s Tiny Cabin -What Taylor Likes

4 Tips for Glamping at Getaway’s Tiny Cabin -What Taylor Likes

3. Create a Burger Bar for Dinner and Mimosa Bar for Breakfast

Like I said above, we used the grilling grate to cook our Beyond Meat products. We had

Beyond Beef, Sausage, and Burgers to grill up. While they cooked, we set up a burger bar station on the picnic table. Our bar had all the fixings for a burger plus sides like green beans and mac n cheese. The Beyond Burger patty was our favorite!

The next morning, we used leftover Beyond Sausage to make a breakfast bowl with an Austin Eastciders mimosa. Austin Eastciders is a type of cider made in Texas. Their “cider contains roughly two-thirds less sugar than our largest competitors? That means less time spent at the gym, more time enjoying a cider you can feel good about.” Plus, they are mostly vegan and gluten-free! See the video we posted on Instagram below.

To make our mimosas, we combine Austin Easciders’ Brut Super Dry with orange juice. The Brut Super Dry cider is inspired by dry champagne so it was a perfect match with OJ. We topped off each glass with fresh berries. Yum!

Big thank you to Beyond Meat and Austin Eastciders for sponsoring our meals.

4. Bring board games and books

The whole goal of Getaway’s tiny cabin is to get you to unplug and refresh. Each cabin comes with a phone lockbox you can use. You’ll have limited service and there isn’t any wifi in the cabin so you might not want to be on your phone!

Highly recommended that you bring different board games to play and books to read. We played Monopoly and had so much fun!

Overall thoughts

We liked our tiny cabin and had a great experience. It made glamping super easy. Booking your own stay is not expensive. We saw prices in the low $100s which is comparable to a night at a hotel in Dallas. The amenities and design are modern and clean so you are definitely camping in luxury.

If you want to stay at Getaway House and save money use code TAYLORM25 at check out. It will give you $25 off. Use this link when booking. It is our referral code for Getaway House.

Let us know what you think about these tiny cabins in the comments. Don't forget to pin this post for later on Pinterest!

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