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Gelato Festival America: Taste of Italy in Your Backyard

Benvenuto! Welcome! Want gelato, but can’t fly to Italy? No problem.

Gelato Festival America is bringing artisan gelato to 8 select cities. We had the pleasure of attending the Dallas event and it was nothing but amazing!

Gelato Festival is competition that rewards the best Italian and foreign gelato chefs from all over the world. Every city the competition stops in will see up to 12 gelato chefs compete against each other. Each chef will create an unique, new gelato recipe in effort to win the title of “Best Artisanal Italian Gelato Chef.”

Before the event is open to the public, a panel of gelato experts taste and vote for their favorite gelato chefs. Once the event opens, attendees can taste all the flavors in the competition, as well as special flavors, attend the courses and vote for your favorite flavor too! 

If you are a gelato lover, chef, or in the gelato business, this is the event you MUST go to. It is the most important event dedicated to artisanal Italian Gelato!

New to gelato?

According to the Gelato Festival America website, Artisan Gelato is made fresh every morning by gelato chefs who have dedicated their professional careers to producing only the freshest, most delicious flavors of gelato. If you've ever tasted authentic Italian Gelato you may remember its delicate yet robust flavor. There is an art to its creation which requires a delicate balance of skill and science.

In the our vlog, you will see one of the founders taking us on a tour of the gelato kitchen! He taught us how the gelato is made from start to finish. We even learned some interesting facts.

For example, gelato is a natural food with important nutritional components. The quality ingredients used in the making gelato indued milk, eggs, cream, cocoa, and fresh fruit. Milk- based gelato contains protein of significant biological calue.

Gelato can also be made with quality non-dairy ingredients. However, dairy-free gelato isn’t really gelato! Once you remove the dairy it is then call sorbet. We got the inside scoop and discover that the Gelato Festival America is having a dairy-free event in California. Location and time is TBD. As vegans, we are so excited for this event!

Want to eat gelato?

The festival is coming to America in 8 different cities. See below for the full listing. Hopefully you can catch the next event before it is too late!

Jersey City, NJ - Liberty State Park (August 11-12, 2018)

Chicago, IL - Chicago Premium Outlets (August 25-26, 2018)

Washington DC - City Market at O (September 8- 9, 2018)

Dallas, TX - Dallas Farmers Market (September 29-30, 2018)

Santa Barbara - La Cumbre (October 13-14, 2018)

Phoenix, AZ - Kierland Commons (October 20-21, 2018)

Tucson, AZ - La Encantada (October 27-28, 2018)

Our Thoughts

We highly recommend that you go to Gelato Festival America. We did not know much about gelato, so it was very informational for us.

The gelato ingredients are natural, top-quality, and organic! This event embraces both new and traditional flavors and highlights the art of artisan gelato. It truly is an experience that will you stomach full and your mind blown.

Have you been to a Gelato Festival event? What do you live about gelato? Let us know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,


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