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Creative and Unusual Photoshoot Ideas

Who is getting more creative with your photography?! There are some creative, unusual photoshoot ideas that you can do at home or in private spaces. You will need your phone or camera and a few cheap props (most you’ll have at your home or can pick up at the store next time you grab groceries).

Here is a list of creative and unusual photoshoot ideas for you to try and add your spin on it! If you like these shots be sure to comment on this blog post, Instagram and Tik Tok! As we take new pictures, I will update this post.

Style Flowers in Your House/Flower Field

Recently, I went to an empty bluebonnet field near my house to take some pictures for a brand. They came out so good! Love how the flowers in my turned out. My mom kept calling me "Frida Kahlo!"

This is a simple idea for all of us in quarantine or wanting to mix things up. Let me know what you think of the mini-tutorial above. We tell you how to place and secure live flowers in your hair for a creative, unusual photoshoot! Do this and tag me on social media. You can see the end product on Instagram.

What Taylor Likes Pinterest

Empty Popcorn or Brown Bag

All you need is an empty bag for this shoot!


1. Find a sturdy bag that is structured will.

2. Cut one end with scissors to fit your camera. Make sure the fit is snug. You don't want any gaps between your bag and the camera.

...and that is it!

Try out different poses and angles to get the best picture.

We tried standing up on a chair and sitting down on the ground. See the our Tik Tok videos below for how to do it.

We played around with a striped popcorn bag and a brown paper bag to get creative and unusual perspectives.

You can use and type of bag to get this shot. Just make sure the bag is sturdy in not flimsy.

Do this and tag us on social media. You can see the end product on Instagram!

Popcorn Bag

Brown Bag

Use a Mirror

We are loving the Tik Tok trend of using a mirror! It is popular and plus there are so many possibilities. You can use a mirror for a creative and unusual photoshoot or even use a building window to add more dimension.

That is all the tips we have for now! As we take more creative and unusual pictures, we will update this post to include more photoshoot ideas.

If you like this post, Creative and Unusual Photoshoot Ideas, be sure to comment down below and follow us on social media!

"Your life is happening now! Make it amazing!

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