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Over the weekend we went to the Dallas Observer Music Awards. The 29th annual awards is a one-night event that features 50 local bands in Deep Ellum, TX. The venues include Club Dada Indoor & Outdoor Stage, The Door, Green Room, Off the Record, Prophet Bar, Reno’s Chop Shop, Three Links, and Trees!


Annette, one of the editors of this blog, was able to give us the Best (and Worst) Moments of Dallas Observer Music Awards 2017. Check out what she said down below!



1) What did you like about the event?


The most enticing element of this event was the ability for music lovers to experience various music genres. Oh, the atmosphere was super hype and electric too! The weather was perfect – this was key for us since you had to bar hop in order to see different artists perform. We also liked that the event was held at different locations. You were able to feed off the energy at each location. 


2) Which artists/band did you enjoy the most?


Booby Sessions! We have never heard of him before, but he was great! This year he was nominated for Best Album, Best Music Viedo, and Best Rap Hip/Hop Act. Many music lovers enjoyed Sessions’ performance because he interacted with the crowd. He engaged the audience by not only encouraging them to sing along but also to dance with hand movements. The energy level was wayyyyyy up! Even if you could not dance, you would find yourself bobbing your head along to the beat.


3) Which venue did you like the most?


The Trees Bar was by far the most pleasurable venue. 1) We did not have to wait in line to get inside. 2) Trees provided ample space for dancing, standing, and sitting. 3) The drinks and bar staff were great! 4) The stage was visible from almost every angle. 4) Last but not least, the restrooms were accessible and provided mirrors on the inside doors of the stalls! A definite plus for every woman who wants to check their appearance before venturing back to the party.


4) The worst…what did not you like about the event?


A minor annoyance is that there were long lines at the end of the night to enter in the bars. It was apparent that the best and most popular bands/acts played at the later hours; hence their fans and supporters came out in impressive numbers. Some people came early and just stayed at the bar of their favorite artist and didn't move to other venues. This defeated the purpose of bar hopping and exposure to other music.


5) The worst…was it easy to get into the venues?


It was easy but inconsistent with what was needed to gain entrance, i.e. just presenting wristband or showing wristband and ID, or showing proof of purchase and ID.  A possible suggestion is to get a wristband that could serve as the entrance to ALL bars without having to represent the ticket and ID.


6) Will you attend next year?


Yes, we would attend next year. The opportunity to experience different styles of music plus bar hopping is just too great to pass up!!  In 2018 we will plan more strategically to optimize our time and get the best experience…now that we know the tips and tricks.


If you want to know more about this event and our experience, leave us a comment down below! You can see snapshots from Annette's IG stories too.


Congrats to the person who won a pair of tickets last week!!!


Until Next Time,


Tay (and Annette!)


“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”



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