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If you ever wanted to get fit, drink booze and have fun…this post is for you.


Yes, you read that headline right! You can conquer an unconventional 5k course with wine thanks to Wicked Wine Run. Let us tell you how...

Wicked Wine Run: The Company


Before we talk about running and drinking booze, it is important to discuss the company that merged these two activities together. Wicked Wine Run was the first of its kind to introduce wine themed runs to workout fanatics and liquor appreciators. Their website says that Krays and Sam Davis, the creators, “envisioned an original event concept that anyone would be excited to participate in, whether avid runner, wine lover, foodie, or couch potato.” By packing their events with high energy and fantastic music, the company produces an experience that is unconventional and exciting.


Not only does the team at What Taylor Likes love Wicked Wine Run, but numerous media sites like Greatist, Self Magazine, and Buzzfeed have recognized the unique race event has one of the best running experiences. 


Even though the What Taylor Likes team attended the event in Dallas, Wicked Win Run hosts a slew of events in Arizona, California, New Mexico and more. You can find a compressive list of race day locations here.

First You Race


Let’s talk about the race now.


As stated, the What Taylor Likes team attended the Dallas-based event.

We got to run (or walk – let us be real) through the vineyards and trails of Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, Texas. This winery was the perfect spot for the race because we got to behold the calming creeks, grand oak trees and winding walking paths that surround the fifty-two-acre site. It was very picturesque!


The 5K Wicked Run began at 5:30 pm. All 5K participants were required to finish the race in an hour. Runners and Walkers were grouped together and released with 2-3 minute intervals to control foot traffic. 


The 5K itself was lovely and tranquil. If you decided to engage in the race, watch out for loose rocks and holes in the ground. We almost tripped several times during the course – no, we weren’t tipsy…yet!!


Be sure that you finish the race. There was a souvenir glass of wine waiting at the finish line for us.

Then You Drink

After the run, we were able to embark on a 1K Wicked Tasting Walk – that’s was a huge motivation for us to finish the 5K.

Note: You don’t have buy tickets to run and walk if you don’t want to. You can participate in one or both. If you would like to be a spectator, you can buy tickets for $10.

The Tasting Walk began at 7:00 pm and included four tasting stations. We received a sampling of two whites and two reds. The best part of the tasting was that the wines came from Lost Oak (the winery that hosted the run). We ended up buying a Red Wine called Dolce Rouge. I highly recommend this bottle for our fellow wine lovers that don’t like their wine too dry. Dolce Rouge is fruity, smooth, not too sweet and full of spices.

Wait There’s More

You get the most bang for your buck with this event.

After we sampled a variety of wine from Lost Oak, we got to dance and sip at the “Wicked Post Race Party!” This party included Food Trucks, various vendors, a Live Band and more wine of course. We brought some snacks to compliment the bottle of wine and blankets with us so that we could layout after we finished walking.

Pricing…What You Really Need To Know

According to the Wicked Wine Run website, the prices for the event can run between $25-$75 USD. I highly recommend getting your tickets during the presale. IT IS WORTH THE COMMITMENT.

*Note: During registration you have the option of creating a team and a team name. We named our team “Wii Not Fit” (haha!).  

Final Thoughts


Overall, we had a blast. The race, tasting walk and post-party convinced us to register for the upcoming Dallas event in September. If you are in Dallas during this time, grab your tickets today. Tickets are on pre-sale for $25-40 USD. You can register here.


Whether you are running, walking, eating or the Designated Driver for the day, all participants have to be 21 years or older.


Have you been to a Wicked Wine Run event before? Comment down below and tell me what you liked about it! If we convinced you to attend for the first time, tell us why down below.


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