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What Taylor Likes - 3 Substiutions You Can Make to Veganize Holiday Dish
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Each new year brings a new book containing 365 blank pages. Last year we chose to fill those pages with great memories!


In chronological order, I listed my life’s most awesome moments. From traveling the country, attending remarkable events in Dallas to spending time with family, we loved to write down our most moving and meaningful affairs. In a way, keeping a written memory of experiences provides an excellent roadmap of what has defined and shaped our character! It also reminds us of how blessed we are and how far we have come. My most awesome moments are listed below (FYI – You can read a yearly review of 2015 and 2016):



  • We started off the New Year with a collaboration with Swim Classy to promote their message of BODY POSITIVITY.  Swim Classy is a unique swimsuit online store made by the everyday woman for the everyday woman. All their photos are strictly unedited aside from lighting adjustments. It is important to note that Swim Classy does not modify the body nor enhance the face. All of their models are everyday women with healthy us!


In the post, I am modeling some of their swimsuits. To align myself with the message of self-love, I did not modify my body nor face to look slimmer. This is the real me..stretch marks, fat and all. You view the entire post here. I included a coupon code too!


  • We launched our Wonder Woman series! We started this series to recognize women who are fighting for their safety, health and/or families. I call these people “Wonder-Woman” because they are the real warriors of our society. Dorothy Jones was our first Wonder Woman on the blog. She is a CMO and a single-parent. Check out my Interview with her here.




  • February was incredibly special! Taylor began her journey into veganism during this month in 2016. Since she crossed over (haha!), we published several articles about the vegan diet and its benefits. One of our favorite posts is Warning: Stop Killing Your Body. We talk about how Taylor became vegan to improve her overall health and uncover how race and politics intersect with the “health crisis” in the black community.


Short on time? See the Infographic: Why You Should Eat Vegan. We give you the skinny on why you should eat vegan.




  • We attended the best event ever. If you wanted to get fit, drink booze and have fun, then you should read our review on Wicked Wine Run.  Wicked Wine Run was the first of its kind to introduce wine themed runs to workout fanatics and liquor appreciators. By packing their events with high energy and fantastic music, the company produces an experience that is unconventional and exciting.


We attended the event in Dallas, but Wicked Win Run hosts a slew of events in Arizona, California, New Mexico and more. You can find a compressive list of race day locations on their site. Learn how you can run and drink wine here.



  • We traveled to Austin again! From eccentric street art to scenic biking trails, this city has a lot to offer every tourist. Check out where we went by reading the Best Weekend Guide to Austin, TX. Links to all restaurants and activity recommendations are included in this itinerary. To read about our 2016 trip click here.


  • We published one of our most popular post, “Overcoming Body Image Issues + Disordered Eating.” This post was very hard for us to write because it touches deeply on personal issues. If you have time, please leave us a comment on the post and let us know what you think. An excerpt is down below:


I was overweight for a long time...and because of this, I struggled with body image issues.


There was this instance when I was in the 5th grade playing on the playground. I distinctly remember hanging on the Triple Horizontal Bars … (you know the bars that are used in gymnastics)… and my shirt rode up and exposed my stomach. Even though I had a small muffin top, that was enough for one kid to point at me and say, “Wow, you are fat!”


Hearing the words “you are fat” fueled my mild food addiction.


Read the full post here.



  • Launched “Shop My Instagram on the blog! When you go to the Shop tab, click on any photo to get the details on what I am wearing.



  • We traveled to Orlando! We took our first family vacation of the year to Orlando, Florida and guess what?! We did not even go to a theme park.


I know you are wondering if it is possible to go to Orlando and not visit Epcot or Magic Kingdom. We are here to tell that there are things to do in Orlando besides theme parks.

Surprisingly, Central Florida is one of the world's greatest travel destinations.


If you only visit the area to see theme parks, then you are missing out. There are fun and exciting activities you can do to create a vacation to remember. Check out the full Weekend Guide here.




  • We made our first recipe video featuring…Cauliflower Wings! Soft, crispy, tender and flavorful. These cauliflower wings are the real deal people! You can view the video and get the recipe here. *We got this recipe from Hot For Food, the best Canadian vegan blog and YouTube channel. Check them out.




  • We traveled to Los Angeles! We make it a yearly habit of traveling to Los Angeles, California!! We do this mainly because Taylor's best friend from Vassar College lives in the city. Just in case you go to LA, we thought it would be helpful to put together a 3-day weekend guide. This ultimate itinerary highlights must-see attractions. Check out the full Weekend Guide here.


  • We attended BrewFest – a Beer Festival! This is an outdoor beer-sampling event and festival that featured over 500 beers from around the globe, food vendors and music! We loved BrewFest because we got to taste 12-2 oz. beer samplings from 500+ beer options as well party in such a festive environment! Cheers!!

Did you know that some beers are not vegan? We talk all about the beer festival and how we survived all the beer samplings in Insider's Scoop: How to Be Vegan and Survive a Beer Festival.



  • We traveled to Napa and Sonoma! I am a wine enthusiast. The more wine I drink, the more enthusiastic I become! We loved our experience with Napa Valley Wine County Tours so much we had to share it with all of you. Check out the full review here.


  • We vacationed in San Francisco, CA! Known for diversity, views, and culture, the city is a great place to visit. These tips, top attractions, and hidden gems are a must see! Check out the full Weekend Guide here.


  • The Tacolandia event last year was the bomb! This is an outdoor tacoo-sampling event and festival that featured Dallas’ best tacos, ranging from urban contemporary to authentic street style. It is complete with music, cash bars with beer and cocktails, as well as awards for best tacos in various categories! Read more about the event here.


Feeling bummed for missing this event? Don’t worry! We talked about where you can eat the Best Vegan Tacos in Dallas in this link.


  • It's our Blogiversary! September 2017 marked  the second year anniversary of What Taylor Likes. For those who are new to this site, we took a brave step in 2015 and created a space that would allow us to share life experiences with our friends, family, and readers. We can hardly believe how much we have grown because of this site…because of YOU!


  • We traveled to Miami! Who said a low budget trip could not be fun? Explore Miami on $50 a day! We love The Magic City because it is a playground for adults. Art Deco beaches, Latin-inspired culture, and lush marine life are some qualities travelers love. Check out the full Weekend Guide here




  • We headed to the Foodie Experience Fall-O-Ween Fest! This SPOOK-tacular fest was a food and beverage tasting event that showcased the diverse tastes of the season with an all-inclusive format which provides an interactive evening experience for culinary enthusiasts.





  • To bring you the post “Blogger Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $10,” we collaborated with Ariel Alexis from Up in the Air for a Blogger Gift Swap. Ariel is a New York blogger who shares her stories and adventures in the Big Apple. Taylor first met Ariel at Vassar College and instantly bonded over thier love for anything Texas related.


For the swap, we bought five different gifts under $10. In total we each spent $50. We had so much fun shopping sales and picking gifts that fit the recipient. See what we got Ariel here! Be sure to follow her on IG and Facebook.


  • On December 30th Taylor turned 25 years old! That fact alone should explain why this month counts as an awesome moment in time!




What do you think of our year?! Let us know in the comments below!



Until Next Time,




“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”