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Valentines 2018


Each new year brings a new book containing 365 blank pages. Last year we chose to fill those pages with great memories!


In chronological order, we listed our life’s most awesome moments. From traveling the country, attending remarkable events in Dallas to spending time with family, we loved to write down our most moving and meaningful affairs. In a way, keeping a written memory of experiences provides an excellent road map of what has defined and shaped our character! It also reminds us of how blessed we are and how far we have come. My most awesome moments are listed below (FYI – You can read a yearly review of 2015 , 2016 and 2017.




  • We started What Taylor Likes Events! STIRR is a neighborhood restaurant in Deep Ellum (TX) that is great for social gatherings. It is the perfect place to go to for Happy Hour. Since the heated, rooftop patio has views of Downtown Dallas, we had to host our first get-together here.

 Several of our favorite bloggers joined us at this location for drinks, appetizers, and fun. Our fantastic event was located on STIRR's the rooftop patio. Thanks to the venue, complimentary appetizers and a round of drinks were available to those that attended.



  • Kicked off the year with Dallas Observer. We help them promote events in the DFW area. Our favorite was The Morning After, A Dallas Observer Brunch Event. Talk about Hash, muffins, tacos and mimosas galore. This past weekend we had the pleasure of going to The Morning After, A Dallas Observer Brunch Event.  




  • Traveled to San Diego and it has got to be one of our favorite cities in California. If you’re an adventurer and a fun-seeking traveler like us you will love this city as well... produces an experience that is unconventional and exciting.


  • Explored Houston on $50 a Day. Everyone should visit Houston at least once! Whatever your budget, there is something for everyone. Learn how you can here.



  • Ran with wine. If you ever wanted to get fit, drink booze and have fun…this post is for you. Here are our top 5 reasons for why you should attend the next Wine Run in your city.


  • Hosted our 2nd WTL Event! If you love bowling, go-carts, laser tag, mini-golf and more then you must check out Shenaniganz. This month we had the pleasure of hosting a fantastic happy hour at Shenaniganz. It was so much fun!



  • Traveled to Spokane Falls. Want to do the best, cheap things Spokane, Washington? Check out our best, cheap travel guide for in Spokane.  Use this ultimate guide as an excellent resource for planning a trip to this fantastic city!

  • Collabed with JORD. Whether for business or pleasure, traveling to new cities can be fun, adventurous and exciting. On the flip side, your experience can also be exhausting and hectic. To alleviate the woes of traveling you can prepare by investing in the best, luxury travel equipment - a Jord watch.

  • We hosted a “May the 4th Be with You” happy hour at the House of Blues in Dallas. House of Blues was the perfect location for May’s WTL happy hour. The venue provided us with the greatest blogger night out...






  • Ate our way through Chicago. Our 10 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago includes both essential and trendy places that you must try if you are visiting or a native of the city. Get ready to pack your plate full of veggies and indulge in meat-less entrees.


  • Also, drank our way through Chicago. Take your trip up a notch and visit the best bars in Chicago. You’ll have a fantastic experience at these 4 essential bars. I know we did! Drink up!...



  • We traveled Napa Valley fro the second time! Napa has some of the best wineries to visit in the country! This was our second year in a row visiting the region with Napa Valley Wine Country tour and it was more than amazing. Honestly, it is the best winery tour that we have ever been. That’s why we keep coming back!!...




  • We traveled to San Francisco. The city is the best place for a bachelorette getaway with the girls. The Bay Area has a lot to offer. From seeing the sights to exploring nightlife, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Check out the full guide here.


  • Fought human trafficking and collabed with Calyan Wax Co. Human trafficking is a global and local dilemma. Calyan Wax Co. is dedicated to eliminating the problem in the United States. We can attest that these are the best smelling candles to fight human trafficking...Check out their candles here.


  • The Tacolandia event last year was the bomb! This is an outdoor tacoo-sampling event and festival that featured Dallas’ best tacos, ranging from urban contemporary to authentic street style. It is complete with music, cash bars with beer and cocktails, as well as awards for best tacos in various categories! Read more about the event here.


Feeling bummed for missing this event? Don’t worry! We talked about where you can eat the Best Vegan Tacos in Dallas in this link.


  • It's our Blogiversary! September 2018 marked the third year anniversary of What Taylor Likes. For those who are new to this site, we took a brave step in 2015 and created a space that would allow us to share life experiences with our friends, family, and readers. We can hardly believe how much we have grown because of this site…because of YOU!




  • Went Whisky tasting. To taste or not to taste? That is the question. Believe it or not, we never had a chance to taste whisky in its pure form. Lucky for us, we had the pleasure of attending Whisky of the World in Dallas, Texas.

  • We explored Dallas like never before with Food Tours of America. If you never been on a food tour before, you definitely want to check this out. They are prefect for everyone and any occasion. Read about who they are and get a glimpse of the tour that feature the best of Dallas. 

  • We had the pleasure of hosting a brunch at Jalisco Norte in Dallas for our WTL event. This event was in honor of their new Fall menu. We can officially tell you that this is one of the best brunch spots in Dallas...





  • Tasted vegan food. Finding restaurants that serve vegan food that is creative and classy is hard to find. Especially in Dallas, Texas! We stumbled upon The Creek Cafe’s Vegan Night event on Facebook and were astonished by our experience.

  • Hosted an fun birthday brunch for our WTL event. We are so excited to post videos and pictures of this brunch. Check out the celebration here.

  • Started 12 Days of Christmas! The 12 Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day and last until the evening of the 5th January. We will be publishing a blog post and/or vlog for 12 consecutive-ish days! See all the vlogs/posts here and here.


  • *Drumroll please*...My sister finally created a Youtube channel! I have always admired her makeup skills. It is only fitting that she debuts her first video on What Taylor Likes. Check out the video and subscribe to here channel asap...

  • On December 30th Taylor turned 26 years old! That fact alone should explain why this month counts as an awesome moment in time! Running out of things to do on your birthday? Going out to dinner is fun and all but it gets old…like you! Here's how to celebrate your adult birthday in Dallas...or any other city for that matter!...




What do you think of our year?! Let us know in the comments below!



Until Next Time,




“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”



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