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The Cheating Husband



I usually am on point with my blog posts. Unless I am on vacation or having a quarter-life crisis, I publish my posts on every Thursday of the week. To keep me on track I have a planner and a “creativity” journal solely dedicated to blog ideas, topics, and questions. In order for me to publish weekly on What Taylor Likes, I have to plan my articles one to two months in advance. It’s a bit much – I know – but that is what I have to do to ensure that my content is relatable, enticing, organized, and eloquently written.


This week, however, my blogging organizational skills were not up to par. In the planner I did not draft up a post to publish. I had nothing. For a whole hour last week I searched my brain for something to share…a painful experience, a book review, or a secret. After coming up with ZERO ideas for this week’s post I decided to enlist the help of Google. Yes, I opened up my internet browser because google is my best friend…and a reliable research tool, right?


Turning to Google was actually not a bad idea at all because I found an article published by Copyblogger that listed “can’t-fail techniques for finding great blog topics.” On the list of “can’t-fail” techniques were suggestions like read your comments, talk about your mistakes, or tackle a controversy. The most interesting suggestion that caught my eye was the technique that encouraged you to eavesdrop. No seriously, the Copyblogger told me to “tune in to other conversations and see where they” end up.


I, obviously, took their advice and began to listen in on people’s conversations wherever I went. I covertly eavesdropped while I was waiting in line at coffee shops, in restaurants, at bars and etc. What I heard was enough to shock and amaze anybody listening in on a stranger’s conversation.


My eavesdropping experiment has left me with so many juicy conversations to reveal! Thus, I thought it was fitting to create The Eavesdrop Series. The Eavesdrop Series will be a succession of blog posts where you get a chance to read and be intrigued by my overheard conversations. The first post is this series is called The Cheating Husband. If you want to be flabbergasted, keep reading.


Notes to the reader:

I have paraphrase the overheard conversation below for this post.

The setting: I am waiting in a LONG line at a coffee shop

*= Names that have been changed




Woman 1: Why is Cassi* acting like her life is perfect…like she got it all together? To be honest, I think she is fake and uppity.


Woman 2: Really? Her life is perfect. Her husband is fine, her house is huge…From the outside looking in she does have it all together.


Woman 1: Seriously? That’s what you think? 


Woman 2: I mean, yeah! You know something I don’t?


Woman 1: I know for a FACT that her house is not in order. Her husband is playing off on her. He has another woman on the side.


Woman 2: How do you know?!


Woman 1: Because the other woman is my sister.


Me in the background listening: Gasp. No! How? Why?!!


Woman 2: Nooooooooooo


Woman 1: Yesssss.


Woman 2: I’m confused. How do you know? Does she know that he is married?


Woman 1: Last month she told me she was dating some guy she met at a party. When I asked who he was she said his name was Don.* She went on and on about him and showed me a picture. That’s when I put two and two together and figured it out.


Woman 2: …. I, Taylor, caught a glance of her face and she was baffled


Woman 1: As soon as I saw the picture, I told her that he was married to Cassi*


Woman 2: Is she still seeing him??? Does Cassi* know about her husband and your sister?!


Woman 1: Yes I told her and she doesn’t care! Cassi* seems to be in the dark about it all but I don’t know.


Woman 2: Huh?


Woman 1: I feel like she knows about it but is in denial.


The barista yelled the coffee orders of the women. They got their drinks and left the shop to finish their conversation elsewhere.



Until Next Time,




"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!"

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