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Get a Winter Care Package from Us!

The countdown to Christmas is on and we want to send you a card...AND MORE!


Well, we want to thank you for following and supporting this blog! Without you...none of this would be possible. Honestly! Scroll down to enter for a winter care package from us. We will mail it to three lucky winners.

The box will include a Hallmark card and all our favorites things season like Sipsby Tea, Starbucks gift cards, skincare and more. Basically, all the items "Taylor Likes."

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!


My daughter and I will be heading to Chicago next summer.


I’d love to take an Alaskan cruise someday. But for now, heading to Scottsdale for the holidays.


Making plans to go to New Orleans with my daughter. :)


I would love to go to California to visit my family.


We'll be traveling further up north in Wisconsin to visit family. We might also visit Chicago. There is so much to do there!

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