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7 Food and Drink Locations to Visit in Kansas City with Your Friends

What to know where the best bars and restaurants are in Kansas City?! Here are our top picks for food and drink location in the city. You must go here with your friends! We went to these places with our friends recently and did all the activities listed. We had the best time and made great memories.

1. Happy Hour at McFaddens

On our first night we went to McFadden's Sports Saloon. McFadden’s is an Irish sports bar offering classic pub food in a tavern-like setting. Our friend got special happy hour prices for us so our drinks were under $5 dollars.

2. Eat Vegan at Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude is a 100% plant-based and organic eatery in Kansas City. The whole restaurant is solar-powered! How cool is that?

We ordered the Mac & Cheese bowl. It came with gluten-free brown rice noodles with “mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta & parmesan cheeses” topped with basil. Highly recommended that you visit Cafe Gratitude.

3. Visit TikiCat, a Secret Oasis

TikiCat is authentic tiki cocktail bar. It much like speakeasy bar, which we love. To get here, you have to enter through this restaurant called Hop Cat then head downstairs. You have to ring the doorbell in order to be buzzed in too. If you want a table, make reservations ahead of time.

We had the best time here. We ordered The Luau and some other drinks recommended by the bartender.

4. Get Comfort Food for Breakfast at Opera House

Opera House is a quirky cafe in the heart of Kansas City. They have a hodge podge of items of the menu. Coffee, pastries, alcohol, great breakfast dishes and vegan options.

5. Go Bar Hopping in the Hip Power and Light District

The Power and Light District is the best way to experience Kansas City’s downtown nightlife. There’s so many bars in the area. You can spend the whole night here. We went to Mosaic and Shark Bar. Mosaic has a sophisticated, club vibe and Shark Bar has surf decor and plays throwback music!

6. Dine at a Food Hall (Parlor)

Parlour is a modern food hall on 3 levels. There are tons of different restaurants for you and your friends to pick from. Plus, there are 2 bars on site. Vegan options are available here.

7. Cure Your Hangover at Westside Local

Westside Local is a farm-to-table restaurant with exposed brick. Frankly, we were so hungover from bar hopping at the Power and Light District and this place really cured us. You have no idea. They also have vegan sausage.We paired this with a veggie hash. It was so good.

That's all the places we have for now. We hope you will visited these places in Kansas City with you friends too. If you like this post, pin it and share it!

What places do you like to go to for food and drink in the city?! Let us know in the comments.

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7 Food and Drink Locations to Visit in Kansas City with Your Friends


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