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The summer months are not our favorite. We live in Texas so it is always hot, sticky and humid. We do, however, like the fact that warmer months call for skirts that twirl.


This pink skirt is from H&M and it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made. It's sturdy, thick and pleated – we are a sucker for pleats! We got this skirt a long long long time ago* but similar items are linked below.


The white tank top is a classic staple from Zara. It is soft, durable and great quality. We have the same one in black too.


We got the knotted sandals a few years back from Target, and the tassel earrings are from BaubleBar.


All the links to this look are at the bottom. Scroll to shop! 


*As we stated in our last OOTD day post, 70% of our wardrobe is vintage (aka old).


Until Next Time, 






"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!" 




White Tank Top (similar)

 BaubleBare Pink Earrings  (similar)

Pink Pleated Skirt (similar here and here)

 Juicy Couture Printed Purse (similar)

Knotted Sandals (similar)




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