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No Date, No Problem: It’s Okay to Go to Prom Alone

Fact: I went to my junior and senior Prom alone.


In fact, I have been to every school dance alone. Trust me - It was exasperating. Trying to attend prom, the most significant dance of your teenage life, is incredibly stressful for a sixteen-eighteen-year-old. 


You have to find the perfect date and the best dress. Looking back, going to the dance alone took a toll on my self-confidence. If you never got asked to be someone’s date, it convinces you that your body and soul are less than beautiful and lovable. I never had a problem finding "the dress” - that’s the exciting part. The date aspect, however, really toyed with my psyche. 

Picture yourself dancing with all your friends in the middle of the dance floor. The beats spin you and friends around. Together, in sync, you all bounced to the beat. The mood is light, and you are enjoying the moment, being present and imprinting the scene into your memory cache. Life is great until the beat changes. Suddenly your friends are pairing off with their dates and swaying to a slow song. 


Seeing people coupled off together during slow songs crushed me. I was never the girl who got to participate in moments like that. But you know what…there are significant benefits to attending prom alone. Unlike my high school years, the choice to go “stag” or with a group of friends to a school dance is becoming increasingly popular these days.

Since April is prom season, we thought it would be great to post our two top reasons for why not having a date is not a problem! Firstly, you get to spend time with the most important people in your life. The things we remember the most are the times we shared with our friends. Prom was a great opportunity we took to bond with our friends and you can too. 


Secondly, you can still participate in all the pre-prom events. Buying your corsage or boutonniere? Check. Group photos mandated by your parents? Check. Hibachi dinner for ten? Check. You don't need a date to experience the magic of prom. It is quite empowering to know that you can go to a dance and have the best time of your life (sans a date)! 

At the end of the day, life is what you make it. This life is your story, and you are the one who will write it! Do not let societal norms define your worth, beauty or self-confidence. If you find yourself dateless, find your best formal wear, grab your friends and dance the night away. 

No date, no problem. 




Have you been to a school dance alone before? Comment down below and tell us your thoughts!

Until Next Time,





“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”



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