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How to Be the Best Bridesmaid: 3 Tips from Real Bridesmaids

Being apart of a bridal party is emotionally and financially taxing. But there are certain tips that can help you enjoy the process.

What Taylor Likes - How to Be the Best B

Are you a bridesmaid or will be one in the future? Great – You are in the right place!


After being a bridesmaid, we can tell you that the wedding isn’t something you show up to. There is tons of money, time, commitment and effort involved.


Bridesmaids are expected to be an integral part in the wedding planning, bridal shower, bachelorette trip and more.


To help you feel less stressed, we talked to two bridesmaids to get their advice:

What Taylor Likes - How to Be the Best B

1. Attend all Bridal Events


As a bridesmaid, it is essential to attend all bridal events. It doesn’t matter if you live out of town or not; you are required to participate. Stay organized and plan once you know dates and times. Don’t think about your duties as obligations! In the end, you will have the time of your life. Here is what one bridesmaid had to say:


Danielle from Houston: My favorite part was the wedding day, walking around in our robes, and getting all dolled up for the big moment. Honestly, what made it even better, was the other bridesmaids that I made friendships with because each of them is so beautiful and I am glad to have met them.


Another part I enjoyed was the events leading up to the big moment...from the Bachelorette trip to the Rehearsal Dinner to the Wedding Day. It was spectacular, and I wouldn't change it for anything. Of course, I can't forget about the dance that all the Bridesmaids did during the Reception. It was fun practicing and performing with all the girls, because coming from a cheerleading background, I do miss performing, so it was fun dancing with all the girls.


What Taylor Likes - How to Be the Best B
What Taylor Likes - How to Be the Best B

2. Enjoy the Moment


Being apart of a wedding is such an honor. It is important to be present and enjoy the moment. Here is what two bridesmaids had to say:


Toi from Kansas City: I must say it is a fantastic feeling being asked to stand by my best friend’s side on her biggest day. To me, being a bridesmaid shows the importance I have in their lives. I look at it as I’m someone they each come to during the high and low moments of their marriage. 

My favorite part is being able to witness the union being two people, seeing the love shared between them. 


Danielle from Houston: I absolutely loved being a bridesmaid, because I support the love that the bride and groom have for one another. I have so much respect for the bride so to be a part of her wedding was magical. In general, I adore weddings, and this was my first wedding to be apart of…it was terrific. From the beginning to the end, I relished every moment of it. The way the agenda was set up for the wedding was convenient, so I just made sure I showed up to everything and made sure I was supportive as much as possible.

What Taylor Likes - How to Be the Best B
What Taylor Likes - How to Be the Best B

3. Save Money Ahead of Time


Just like you plan to attend all bridal events, please make a financial plan for the wedding. You have to pay for travel, the dress, hair, makeup, nails, wedding gifts and more. In all transparency, we spent $1000+ on our best friend’s wedding over the course of a year. Here is what one bridesmaid had to say:


Danielle from Houston: The only tip I have for anyone who is a Bridesmaid or thinking about wanting to be one is make sure your funds are in order, and you are capable of affording everything that comes along with it. Such as hair, makeup, dress, Bachelorette party/trip, bride's wedding gift, and extra funds for traveling. I only say that because some people may think that just because they are apart of a wedding, they don't have to pay for anything. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but the majority of the time you are paying for everything yourself. So, be sure you are planning accordingly. 


Overall, being apart of a wedding is a great experience. Don’t stress yourself out too much. With planning and research, you will turn yourself into the best bridesmaid ever!


Until Next Time,



“Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!”



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