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Fall is here ladies and gentlemen! Tis this season of cozy socks, knitted sweaters and thigh high boots.


Autumn is one of my favorite seasons because it brings cooler weather, bountiful harvests and hearty family dinners! In order to celebrate this season, I made a list of fall must-do activities to complete before December. I am excited to get started and create life-long memories.


Go to an Escape Room

It is a dream of mine to play in an interactive adventure game! Room with a clue allows players to immerse themselves in themed scenarios built around exciting mystery games. Players must rally together, find clues, solve puzzles and escape a room before time runs out!


Complete a Fall DIY Project


With changing seasons come changing décor! I have favorited a slew of DIY projects that are inspired by autumn colors.


Bake a Vegan Cake


Unfortunately, I cannot eat the typical Apple Pie or Chocolate Cake. My goal this season is to make an awesome Vegan cake that will challenge any family recipe. I have plans to make a Vegan Carrot Cake. The recipe can be found at here at Hot For Food Blog.


Run a Turkey Trot


After all the food I plan eat in November, I will need to work it off somehow! I want to participate in a trot this year as an untimed runner. It’s all fun and games for me!


Attend a Balloon Festival


Watch and be amazed by colorful balloons floating in the sky. I going grab my tickets and attend a Balloon Festival.


Take a Cider Mills Tour


Taking a Cider Mills Tour is a MUST to-do activity this season. What’s more representative of Fall than Cider? I have my heart set on taking a tour at The Cidery in the Design District (Dallas, Tx). The Saturday Tours are FREE! If you are in the DFW area, you can get more details here.


Have a Movie Marathon


Watching movie marathons are the greatest. Nothing beats lounging around the house watching old favorites all day long.


Cook Vegan Party Snacks for NFL Sunday


I miss boneless wings, dip and party sized snacks. I have a long list of NFL inspired vegan party trays to make thanks to Hot For Food Blog.

Go to the Farmers Market


You can buy all the best seasonal fruits and veggies at your local farmers market. I am thrilled to buy delicious sweet potatoes, pears and apples.


Go to a Halloween Party


…Because what’s October without a Halloween Party?

Question: What is on your Fall Bucket List? What activities must I add to the list?! Share below in the comments!

Until Next Time, 




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