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8 Helpful Tips - How to Prep for a Music

8 Helpful Tips - How to Prep for a Music Festival

This is our first year going to a music festival! We didn’t realize how much prep is needed before and during the event. Whether you are a seasoned attendee or a first-time goer, there are always new ways to make the preparation process easier. We compiled our top 8 helpful tips for getting the most out of your festival.


7 Helpful Tips - How to Prep for a Music

Before you go

Research the location

Each festival has a different venue. It could be indoors or outdoors. You might need to camp onsite or grab a hotel room. Check the weather to make sure you know what to pack and wear. You want to into account the time you will be at the festival and the approximate temperature during that time. 

Try on all your outfits

Are you going to the festival and a pool party? Want multiple outfit changes? To make sure everything goes smoothly, try on all your outfits at home with shoes, jewelry and etc. We like to throw one outfit in a plastic back or pack the items next to each other in our suitcase so we know what to wear. 

Read the FAQ

It is so important to read your festivals FAQ regarding what to bring and what NOT to bring. For example, we are going to KAABOO Texas and you cannot bring an umbrella or a DSLR camera. Good thing we read the dos and don’t before showing up.



7 Helpful Tips - How to Prep for a Music


Again, make sure you read your festival FAQ. Most festivals allow go pros and point and shoot cameras. Our phones die quickly so pack a couple portable chargers so you can take pictures and communicate with others all day. They are not that expensive! Reminder: Don’t bring anything you can’t keep up with. You don’t want any valuables to get lost or stolen. 


Pack all you must -have items in a fanny pack, bag or backpack. You want a small bag that holds your ID, cash, cards, and phone and a larger bag for towels, clothes, and a camera.

Pack the car the day before

You don’t want to be rushing the day of the festival so pack the car up the night before. You can do one last check to make sure you have everything right before you leave.

Make a schedule 

For each day of the festival, write out the artist name, set times, and where they are performing. You will not be able to see all the performers on the lineup so having a list and organizing your days will help you prioritize whom you want to see!


Some venues put out a pdf schedule of the lineups with all the information. You can print, highlight artists to see and through it your bag. Be sure to take a photo of it too. 

Know the festival grounds

Know the layout of the festival so you can easily find the restrooms, stages and etc. 

Hope these tips help you prep for your next festival. Let us know how you prepare in the comments below! 

Until Next Time, 


"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!"




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