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3 Realities of Unemployment

A couples years ago we wrote the 5 realities of adulthood. The realities completely slapped and punched us in the face during our transition from a college student to an adult. 


Going to work, paying bills, juggling social events…(aka being responsible) really threw us for a loop. 


Just as we started to settle into to adulthood, we found ourselves in a new stage. Unemployment. If you are leaving your job or suddenly find yourself without one, we listed out 5 realities you need to know. 


Bookmark this page, pin it to Pinterest or grab pen and paper! You are going to want to write these realties and tips down. 

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1. No Money 


The worst thing about being unemployed is that your funds are limited. Constantly having to turn down plans with your best friends can turn you into the “Debbie Downer” of the group. But you won’t care…your money is funny, your change is strange. In other words, you are broke and your bank account is telling you to say no. 


So you can forget dinners with friends, extracurricular activities, and going out! Most of your savings or unemployment paycheck will go towards paying bills. 


There are positives to having little money. You get really creative when you have a tight budget. During our time off, we manage to travel on a low budget. You can see our guide to Chicago, Napa, and more



2. Unemployment Benefits


Did you see that we mentioned “unemployment paycheck?” Yeah, you are going to have to apply for unemployment benefits, workers’ compensation, or temporary assistance once you lose a job. As embarrassing as it may seem, filing for unemployment can help a lot. It helped us survive SIX LONG MONTHS of unemployment while we looked for full-time work. 


If you are unfamiliar, each state operates its own unemployment program. Many require that you file for unemployment benefits online. Just to give you an idea of the process, we listed the steps to receiving and maintaining unemployment benefits:


Contact your state office

Determine eligibility

Submit online claim 

Complete a phone interview and wait for a ruling

Look for a new job

Submits payment request bi-weekly 



Don't know about you, but we didn't know the details about how displaced workers got temporary financial aid. If you have any questions, shoot us an email or write it down in the comments! We will be happy to answer…now that we have experienced it first-hand. 

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3. Job Applications 


Applying for a full-time job is a full-time job. The amount of time it takes to apply for one job is unreal. 




The saying, “If it is important to you, make time for it” is especially true in this case. Finding a new full-time position is time-consuming. You are going to have to get focused and put those Outlook Calendar organizational skills to the test. 


Blocking off a chunk of time per day and devoting it to job hunting helped us stay productive and motivated. This time could be spent responding to emails, navigating LinkedIn, making connections, filling out applications and etc. Whatever task you decide to for the day, be sure to write it down or make a note of your calendar. This will help you keep track of deliverables and interviews. 





Before you press submit on that application, be sure you update your resume. Add any applicable skills you gained and collect recommendations. Once complete, have a mentor go over your resume and offer feedback. This was the best thing that we did and it helped us immensely.  


After you have the final draft, prep different versions of it. If you are applying for jobs in the marketing industry, include skills that highlight project management and budgeting. Legal? Highly organized and superb communication. Do you get the picture? Having different variations on your resume handy will streamline and expedite the application process  





Even though we didn't get hired by a manager or recruiter via LinkedIn, we did receive a lot of leads from it. LinkedIn is the Google search engine for jobs. It is focused on finding professionals and connecting them to opportunities. 


Be sure you fill out your Skill & Endorsements section completely and only use relevant keywords! Recruiters utilize keywords to find applicants. 


Pro Tip: Only apply for jobs you would seriously consider. Unemployment can be tough and the pressure to find a job is even tougher. Don’t go on interviews for positions you don't want. You will be wasting your time and the hiring manager.  





Networking is key. Everyone should be using their network to find a job! According to PayScale, 70 percent of people ended up in their current position thanks to networking. We believe it! Networking is how we landed our new job. 


Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, colleagues, and mentors for guidance. There are tons of networking email templates on the internet you can use. 




Are you unemployed? What hardships have you experienced? Let us know in the comments. 


Until Next Time, 


"Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!" 





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