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20lb Weight Loss in 2 Months_ How Did we


In 2018, we lost 20lbs in 2 months! During that time, we didn’t have surgery or took any pills to achieve this result! To tell you how we did it, we decide to update an old post titled “Warning: Stop Killing Your Body.”


Keep reading for actionable tips and our weight loss journey with before and after pictures! We have 2 phases to our weight loss and have broken down each phase to provide insight.



What prompted us to lose weight?


In December of 2011, we read an article that listed the causes of death for African Americans. Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes were some of the top leading causes. This got us asking the question of WHY and HOW?


Why do 300,000 blacks living in America die from these preventable diseases?


How do we stop illnesses and other risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity from plaguing our African-American communities?


WHY are we killing our bodies?!


To find an answer to these questions, we sat down and thought about it. We concluded that the key to a long, healthy life revolved around one’s diet and moderate exercise.



Phase 1


Pre-weight loss body (2011)


At the time we read the article, we had a piss-poor diet…ate whatever we wanted! Taylor, an ex-collegiate athlete, dared to justify bad eating habits on the myth, “I’m an athlete so I can eat whatever I want.” This mentality caused her to gain a significant amount of unhealthy weight in 2011. She packed on 40-50 pounds of excess fat.

2011 Weight Gained in Face

2011 Weight Gained in Face

2011 Weight Gained in Legs

2011 Weight Gained in Legs

2012 Started Journey Front

2012 Started Journey Front

2012 Started Journey Back

2012 Started Journey Back


(2011 Weight Gain)

2013/14 Weight Loss in Face

2013/14 Weight Loss in Face

2014 Weight Loss in Legs

2014 Weight Loss in Legs

2015 Weight Loss

2015 Weight Loss

2014 Summer Weight Loss

2014 Summer Weight Loss


(2015 Weight Loss)

Let us tell you, a slow and steady creep of added pounds can be overwhelming and depressing!  We did not make a change until we looked in the mirror and saw ourselves for who we were – OVERWEIGHT AND TIRED! At that moment, we decided to change our diet.



Post-weight loss body (2015-2018)


Since our realization in 2011, we have radically changed the way we eat by “slowly” adding nutritious food and omitting processed foods. For example, we added big, leafy greens, whole grains, lean protein, and organic foods.


What Taylor Likes - 20lb Weight Loss in

Fall 2017

Fast forward to Fall 2018, even though we made a change four years ago, we are conscientious of the fact that we are more likely to kill our bodies and develop the leading cause of death for two reasons.

1. We live in Texas – Puts us at a disadvantage because of the way southern food is cooked. The diet of an average Texan revolves around fried food and dairy. Incredibly damaging to your health.


2. Our Race – Due to being African American, we are at a health disadvantage because we are expected to make the correlation between soul food and the African-American culture. Being black in America has led us to believe that soul food is the only food we can eat. Eating “comfort food” consistently will kill our bodies


What Taylor Likes - 20lb Weight Loss in

Summer 2018

Phase 2


Veganism + 20lbs weight loss in 2 months

To improve our overall health, we went vegan in February of 2017.


To further explore veganism and food we became vegan-keto from August 3, 2018, to October 15, 2018. During this time, we lost 20lbs in 2 months. We took up the challenge to get ready for a wedding we were in…events are the best way to get you motivated.


20lb Weight Loss in 2 Months_ How Did we

How did we do it?


  • Ate a vegan-ketogenic diet. We ate low carb veggies, medium protein, and high fat.

  • Tracked macros with the Carb Manager app

  • Consumed 1200-1600 calories per day

  • Worked out 5 times a week for 45 minutes of HIIT or spin class

  •  Ate one cheat meal per week (we didn’t track this in the app)



This is what we did for 60 days straight. Quite religiously. It worked very well for us. If you want to lose a significant amount of weight too, follow the vegan-keto diet and adjust the macros for your body. We are not sure if just following the basic keto diet will yield the same results.  


We took a break from this plan over the holidays but will be back on it January to March 2019. We will update our progress as time goes on!


What do you think about this post? Have you lost weight before? What worked for you?


Leave us a comment, share and subscribe if you found this post interesting.

Until Next Time,





“Your life is happening now. So make it amazing!”




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